Local Music Compilation Album Announced- FREE

The first local music compilation album is almost finished. We have been spending the last few weeks recording with some of the area’s best local musicians in our multi-million dollar recording studio (umm… maybe not multi-million.. maybe .0001% of a million). Each artist has selected one of their songs and we recorded them- solo- just them- one person, alone with a guitar and their voice (except for Derek and Eric who performed as a duo, but we figured that was OK because their names rhyme). This album will surely be the best release you will hear- ever.

You may be asking yourself, “How do I get a copy of this great album” or you might be asking “Where can I get a pocket fisherman?” or maybe “does this dress make me fat?” We can’t help with the middle question, but that dress does make you look fat and you will be able to get a copy of the album FOR FREE right here on That’s right; FREE! We will be releasing the album in the next few weeks for free download and streaming. Our goal is to get these musicians exposed to as many people as possible (without getting arrested).

Along with a bunch of solo musicians, we will be featuring a couple FULL BANDS- The names of the bands will be released soon!!! For now, that will remain a secret but we will tell you solo artists that are gonna be on the album!

Who is on the album:

Lucas Gallo
Will Kindler
George Laliotis
Rachel Vogelzang
Seth Wonkka
Brooks Young
Matt Poirier
Rob Kleiner
Matt Ghelli
Derek Astles with Eric Ober
Chelsea Paolini

Look for the album in the next few weeks!!!!!!!

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