Why Your Band Sucks- 5 Reasons

Why Your Band Sucks

This article is addressed to you. Yes you, sitting reading this. You know who you are. There are a few reasons why your band sucks. These things can be fixed! Just stop doing the list of things below and you will be on your way to not sucking.

1. Keep Your Commitments

If your band has a show; Show up!!! It is that easy. Don’t cancel the week of the show because you have to work, you have an ear infection or your band broke up or whatever other lame excuse you can think of. If you cancel a show you are screwing who ever booked you by making them find a replacement or have an empty bar/venue. Let me tell you, the venue or promoter will never want to book you again. That promoter also probably knows a bunch of other bookers in the area and they will not talk nicely of you to their friends. Also, your fans are gonna be upset if they planned on seeing you and show up to nothing. So just show up… it is easy.

2. Turn Down Your Volume

I know I know… Rock is supposed to be loud. But wait… no it isn’t. it was during the late 1960’s and early 70’s when the “loud concert” became cool. The reason? Before that time you couldn’t hear the band during concerts. PA’s were new, amps were small, and there just wasn’t enough power to fill a concert hall with LOUD music. Today though? When you are playing a small bar that holds 300 people and you have your 100 watt Fender Tube amp on 8; you are annoying your potential crowd. If I can’t talk to the people I am with about how awesome your band is; you are too loud(or maybe you just suck). I know that you need to have it that loud to overdrive the tubes but there is another way… if you are playing mostly bar venues.. GET A NEW AMP! Get a nice 30 watt amp. Ditch that Marshall stack. YOU won’t blow away the cute girls in your audience; you want THEM to.

3. Don’t Play The Same Town Two Times A Week

You should never play in the same geographical area more than two times in a month. You water down your audience and less and less people will come to your shows. You also make it so your shows are no longer a special must see event. If ABC band is playing every weekend 2 miles from my house, what makes me want to MAKE SURE I catch this week’s show? Nothing…. I know I can catch them next week, so if something else comes up… guess what, I am skipping the bands show that plays all the time.

4. Promote Your Show

It amazes me how little it takes to promote a show well and also that some bands don’t even do anything. I search for shows each week in the surrounding towns and the difficulty in finding them all is amazing. It takes 2 secs to create a facebook event and invite all your fans.. do it… but don’t do it 2 days before the show. At minimum create the event a week and a half before. Make a poster; print a couple and hang them up at the venue you will be playing. Last but not least contact the local papers to get it listed in their event calendar. A lot of papers let you submit your listing right on line- takes 2 secs.

5. Help Other Bands

If you are one of the lucky bands to have made a name for yourself around town; help other bands that are trying to “make it.” You might be thinking “But no one helped my blues band become one of the best around, I did all the work myself, so why should I help anyone.” Sure sure, you can think that. But.. Don’t you wish that someone had helped YOU when you were trying to make it? Toss other bands a bone, let them open for you, tell your fans to check out another band, take a minute of your time to go out to other shows. Don’t just be concerned with yourself. Help the scene grow. Helping other bands gains you more fans too because people in bands go to shows. Plus, if you are a dick to other bands, I guarantee they are talking behind your back about how much your suck and how your girlfriend “knows’ more men than you know chords.

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