Yankee Cockfight- Live Review

Yankee Cockfight- Live Review

It was time for another home bout for Concord’s roller derby team last night at the Everett Arena. These bouts are fun to watch… with ladies speeding around a circle, crashing into each other, slamming into the ground, and sliding across concrete on their knees. There were hundreds people there specifically to see this bout. I love the derby, but I am also here for another reason. Yankee Cockfight, a band from the northern mountains of New Hampshire, is playing halftime. The Granite State Roller Derby has teamed up with GO-Local Music and provides attendees with a 30 minute half time show from a local area band. This week it is Yankee Cockfight who takes the stage to wow the massive crowd.
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This is my first time seeing Yankee Cockfight and I am excited because I have heard lots of great things about the harp player, ‘The Mighty Junior’. Junior plays his harmonica into a Bullet mic amplified via a tube Blues Junior III. (I can only assume the mic is the Shure green bullet, but who knows.) This combination of mic and amp give Junior a real raw, overdriven and distorted Chicago sound. Some people would say he sounds like, Little Walter or that Blues Traveler dude… but they would be wrong. The only reason they would make that comparison is because those are the only two harp players they know. In reality, Junior is more like a faster Sonny Boy Williamson with tons of distortion or Sugar Blue with, more distortion... and… you guessed it, faster. Along with the heavily overdriven harp sound, Junior makes use of an Electro Harmonix Worm pedal. The oscillatory effects this pedal produces in combination with Junior’s ability to control amp feedback, gives a large pallet of sounds that Junior can choose from.

This band is a two piece, Junior on harp and “Scrimmy the Dirtbag” on guitar and bass drum. Scrimmy plays his 6 string into an old tube stereo with a 4 inch speaker. The tones that scream out of this amp are a mix of metal and blues. Scrimmy touches on both genres in his playing style, some fast solos mixed in with Son House style rhythm. The entire time he is banging his ‘four on the floor’ through his bass drum. The bass drums explodes into your body like a hammer bash from Thor. The tones of Junior and Scrimmy blend together in such a dirty and magnificent way; the bass drum adds another layer of perfectly synchronized mayhem.

The crowd ate it up. Not only at the Everett Arena but also at the after party held at Chen Yang Li in Bow NH(AKA the Fence). The crowd at The Fence packed the dance floor and as I looked on, it was hard to not get caught up in the party. You could smell the whiskey, the smoke, the bourbon, the PBR, the anger, the pent up energy… not smells in the air, but coming from noise on the stage. This is county music on speed. This is blues on cocaine. This is Rock and Roll with balls. This is Yankee Cockfight. Excuse me, I need to go get me another shot.

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