Wellfleet- From The Garage- New Album Review

WellfleetWellfleet is a five piece band from the seacoast of New Hampshire. A five piece? I know what you are thinking; I thought they were a two piece, much like the bathing suit I wear on the seacoast beaches. NOOO- They were once a two member band but now they have five. Five guys. Like the burgers, but with less heart attack inducing options.

They boys from WellFleet have released a new album, ‘From The Garage’. Chucky rock with mouthwatering vocals and spicy harmonies. Driving beats with a rock country flair. Is it country? No, not at all but if the songs were sung by a Garth Brooks impersonator, maybe. Nicely arranged with breaks and space broken by congestions. Solid drumming. Sparse harmonica adds just a flavor of Blues Traveler without going full on Popper. Take a listen- available for purchase on ITunes, Spotify etc. I loved it, I’m gonna take mine a for double or triple listen.


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