Viva Apollo- Review

Viva Apollo has been playing with their current lineup since Summer of 2013. This San Diego band is nothing but full power. This music is made to be turned up in your car, cranked on your home stereo, or blasted from an 80's boom box.

Each and every note that Viva Apollo hits, pushes a blast of air from the speaker to your chest, to your heart, to your brain, to your entire being. The band brings equal parts Jefferson Airplane, Doors and blues. Lead singer Amanda Portela has touched me. No, she hasn't, she hasn't touched me. Actually, she has punched me. She punched me in the face. Bare knuckled to my temple- kicked me in my ass and screamed two inches from my face. She has such power and fullness in her vocals.

It is a sonic attack. Viva Apollo does not let up. i love them for it. Hit me again.

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