Trade- New Local Band

Trade is a new band from Concord NH. They are sort of a funk, Soul, rhythm and blues band. The group has probably one of best bass and drum combinations in NH. Chris Noyes of “Dusty Gray” fame plays the bass and George Laliotis of “Cool Ass Mo Fo” bangs things. They each hold down the groove, giving the horns and vocals a chance to shine on. Laliotis also takes on the singing duties. His duties are massive. Mostly because he eats a lot of fiber, but also because the songs Trade tackle put his vocals to the test. He passes the test and gets 5 points extra credit for playing disc golf. The horns are sultry and smooth. They bring a level of class to the band that is missing from a lot of acts around town. If you didn't catch them at Market Days, or Camp N Jam make sure you do- Go out- see Trade- be blown away.

Trade is:
George Laliotis - Drums/Vocals
Chris Noyes - Bass/Vocals
Matt Hogan - Keys/Vocals
Scott Solsky - Guitar/Vocals
Zack Jones - Tenor Sax
Colin Mainella - Trumpet

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