TigermanWOAH!!!- CD Review

TigermanWOAH!!!- CD Review-

The one thing about running this website is getting all sorts of free CDs. My car is littered with CDs I have received. I must admit that sometimes when I get a CD I am not looking forward to popping it in my CD player. Will this suck? Will I have to sit through 45 minutes of crap and then try to write a review that seems nice yet lets the reader know I hated it? It is an art I have tried to perfect- Letting the reader know that this band is the next piece of crap to come around while at the same time making the band think I liked them so I don’t get beat up in the parking lot after shows. This past week a buddy gave me a CD by TigermanWOAH!. The title of the CD is “Up South Vol.II &I”. Based on the fact that this CD was on a CDR and had sharpie written on the face, I assumed I was going to hate it. I was getting ready with my ‘dodging’ words like ‘Good’- ‘great’- and ‘I bet deaf people will love it’. After listening to this CD I am glad to say I will not need to use any of my tricks. Let me tell you; I loved it. No really, I loved it. SERIOUSLY LOVED IT!!!!!!(or did I?.. no no.. I did.. I really did)

TigermanWOAH! is a sort of swamp country punk band. My first reaction is “These guys are like the band Dirtfoot”. I love Dirtfoot. They are also in a similar style of local favorites ‘Captain Chet Lawson’s Snake Oil Revue’ or ‘Yankee Cockfight’. The band even has a banjolele! The standout song on the album is the first track “Columbus Stockade.” An old standard song but their version is by far the most original take on the tune I have ever heard. It is so wild that you can barely hear the original anywhere except for some lyrics.

If you are someone who likes the new Cowpunk scene that is taking over New England Music, then you will love TigermanWOAH. If you don’t like Captain Chet or Yankee Cockfight then you will probably not like TigarmanWOAH- and if you don’t like them, you should also probably put a bag over your head when you go out, cause I bet you are ugly.

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