When you get a request from a band with the name “The Pretty Corpses” to do a review; you do it. You also hope you like the music because let’s be honest, no one wants to get killed by some band over writing a bad review. The Pretty Corpses come from Claremont NH but I would not be surprised if they frequently visit the final resting place of GG Allin in Littleton NH. For those of you who don’t know GG Allin, he has been called "the most spectacular degenerate in rock & roll history.” GG Allin was a god to punks and dangerous to anything and everything that came near him. I hear this raw energy in The Pretty Corpses.

The Pretty Corpses appear to have taken the terror and wrapped it into a more digestible package. I dig into their single “Queen of The Trailer Park” and hear the dirty solos and over driven drugs and can’t help but feel the downright dirty punk of the middle 80’s. We are not talking pop punk- Ramones, Green Day or The Fall; We are talking about The Jabbers or New York Dolls here.

Then there is the twist. They have a video for their single “Queen of The Trailer Park”(see it below). I am expecting blood, broken bones or animal cruelty. What I see has no words; puppets and a sexy girl dancing in a bikini. I keep watching this video waiting for the puppet to smash something yet it doesn’t come. Am I disappointed? No., because now I know I won’t get the crap kicked out of me when I go to a show. These Pretty Corpses must be nice guys and I can’t wait to jump in the pit.


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