The Grebes New EP- Darkdays // Winternights

The Grebes from Concord NH have a new EP, Darkdays // Winternights, that will be dropping very soon. Look for it to be released digitally in the next few days and then hard copies in a few weeks. If you like Belle and Sebastian, if you like Mumford and Sons before they sucked, if you like Violent Femmes, if you like The 123’s, if you like My First Morning Coffee Break(ok I made up that band)… then you will love this new EP put forth by The Grebes. It is an excellent collection of four well defined tunes.

This EP is a little different than previous releases from The Grebes. More electric, more electrons, more erectable, more catlike reflexes covered in peanut butter and more punch. The drums power the songs into the breath of your body. Brad’s voice in the lead is like a college friend belting the tunes of your generation in a stylistic approach that is both beautiful and original. Space obsequies guitars bounce and die in the background with distant harmony vocals cascading on the sides of your mind. To say this album is a must listen is an understatement. To say this album will cure cancer is an overstatement. To say this album will help the Russian Finance Ministry with the economy by increasing a driving oil industry to help procure a new tax revenue stream is probably a statement.


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