The Grebes- Review

The Grebes- review

The Grebes are a folk, Americana, cow punk, alt country band from Concord NH. You may not have heard of them yet but you will be hearing about them… like right now. I am telling you right now. You have heard of them. Go listen to this band. With the Rippin’ e Brakes done for, Captain Chet on break and Dusty Grey outta town, there is a hole in the Concord country/folk/Americana department that The Grebes are going to fill and over flow.

Their sound is perfectly sloppy and tight. It is loudly full and softly subtle. It is Blues and Clues all at the same time. They found Carmen Sandiego and Waldo who were both hiding in the suitcase their drummer uses as a bass drum. Harmonies they sing both lift you to the angels and toss you to the devil. The band has played only a handful of shows but there are more on the books. Most notably they will be opening for ‘Them in The Hive’ on August 27, 2015 at Penuches in concord.

In closing, this band is gonna do big things in the next year. Keep your eyes on the prize guys and remember the best strategy is to not look for Waldo but to let him find you.

Check out this video of The Grebes rocking it without even having any mics. You can tell... there is passion and love and hate and maybe some whiskey.

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