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the clearwings, denver co
“The outskirts” is an EP from the band “The Clearwing” from Denver Colorado. The duo has been performing together for a number of years at open mics around the Denver area. They are an alt- punk-folk- rock band. Sometimes bordering on old blues like the White Stripes and other times they sound like cute lovers harmonies.

This duo really has voices that blend well together. They both obviously have vocal singing lessons and know how to cut off together. When their two vocals hit together, it is magically. This EP was recorded live and it is great for what that is. I would love to hear this band do a proper album. The recording of the guitar on some tracks is less then stellar and doesn't match with the crisp vocal lines of the songs- it is a little distracting. This is not a comment on the band, but on the actual recording engineer (sorry- I had to bring it up). This band is really good and if they had some tracks recorded with a little higher quality- they would be unstoppable.

I am sure I have pissed off the “The Clearwings” with this review of their album. I hope they understand- I don’t hate them- I hate their engineer. I like their harmonies and hate the muffled micing of their acoustic guitar.

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