Five Questions with George Laliotis- Drummer-The Amorphous Band

Five Questions with George Laliotis- Drummer-The Amorphous Band

We had the chance to sit down with George Laliotis; drummer for The Amorphous Band. George is definitely one of the most talented drummers in the area. Not only that- he can sing like a Mo Fo. A main stay on the local music scene, I was excited to finally get to chat with George. The talk we were having was going fine until we asked how he wanted to be listed in the article. It is at this point he became very agitated. I pronounced his band name wrong- I guess- George is really sensitive about that. I called them “The A-more-fussy Band”. Boy, George jumped right off his chair on that one (should be noted, I was not interviewing Boy George… The ‘boy’ that started that last sentence was just an exclamation.) Any who… I got him back on his stool and we were able to finish the last few questions by me saying I was “just kidding”. On a side note; you can really say just about anything before those two words “just kidding” and it makes everything ok--- “wow George you are ugly—just kidding” “You sure do have an inflated ego—just kidding”—“I took a dump on your front porch—Just Kidding”--- “you are the less talented brother”…. Hmm… maybe we shall not touch that one… lets get to the questions before George kills me.

1. Ringo: great drummer, good drummer, good enough drummer or bad actor... pick one

George: Great Drummer

2. What type of sticks do you use?

George: Vic Firth 5A Extreem

3. Craziest thing you have had happen at a show?

George: I saw a woman who was a self proclaimed "Natural Born Dancer from Michigan" knock her self out cold trying to do a split.

4. Favorite local act right now?

George: Man honestly I don't have one. i just think it's amazing how many people are coming out to support live local music in Concord lately. So I guess I will just say. All of them. Go see all of them!

5. Who would win in a full on dance fight and why; Diamond Joe or The Amorphous Band(think MJ "Beat It" or "West Side Story" dance fighting)

George: I like to let my dancing do the talking. There's only one way to find out for sure!

Catch The Amorphous Band at Penuche’s in Concord NH this Thursday August 1st 2013. and… maybe… If the band ‘Diamond Joe’ are not pansies, you might see a dance battle in the Penuche’s alley during smoking breaks.

more on the band here:

Less about the band here:


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