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The Grebes from Concord NH have a new EP, Darkdays // Winternights, that will be dropping very soon. Look for it to be released digitally in the next few days and then hard copies in a few weeks. If you like Belle and Sebastian, if you like Mumford and Sons before they sucked, if you like Violent Femmes, if you like The 123’s, if you like My First Morning Coffee Break(ok I made up that band)… then you will love this new EP put forth by The Grebes. It is an excellent collection of four well defined tunes.

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Eric Ober- 5 Questions

Eric Ober is a man of numerous musical talents and sex appeal. He plays in about a billion local bands give or take. We wanted to know what makes him tick so we sat him down and asked him our famous 5 questions. He was a little resistant to answer, so we did have to hold him at knife point and threaten him physically. He laughed at us. He is kinda rude but he smells fantastic. If you want to catch him live, look for him in the Grebes, Pythons in The Mist, Them In The Hive and a new project with Derek Astles.

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The Grebes- Review

The Grebes- review

The Grebes are a folk, Americana, cow punk, alt country band from Concord NH. You may not have heard of them yet but you will be hearing about them… like right now. I am telling you right now. You have heard of them. Go listen to this band. With the Rippin’ e Brakes done for, Captain Chet on break and Dusty Grey outta town, there is a hole in the Concord country/folk/Americana department that The Grebes are going to fill and over flow.

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