Who thinks the local music scene is dead. Certainly not us. Could we use some coming together and community involvement? Certainly it could. That is exactly what is happening on Elm Street in Manchester. Luke Troy, you might know him from the band Badfellows, along with some of his good friends are working on opening a second hand store in Manchester that will host all ages music shows.

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Badfellows has their new album available! You can listen below. It is slightly different than their previously recordings but still has Badfellows dripping out the speakers. Another great release from the Manchester based band.

This is what the band had to say about the release-

‘Personal Beehive’ is officially out now. This album means a lot to us and we owe our eternal thanks to Alex Bourne, Granite Tapes, Jaclyn O’Connell, and everyone who supports us. We love you all. Head to to download the album (and buy a real snazzy tape!) We hope that maybe this album can make you feel some sorta way about something, or someone. <3

Badfellows- new album

Badfellows is releasing a new album in August 2016 titled ‘Personal Beehive’. You can preorder the album on their Bandbcamp page for 2 bucks. You can also hear a preview of one of the songs below. It is fantastic.

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Sound It Out presents Heaven by Badfellows

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This radio Podcast featuring lots of local bands. We talk about music and play some local tunes. If you would like to be on the podcast, post on our forum or email us yourbandinfo at gmail dot com.

This show features music from

Crunchy Western Boys
Carissa Johnson
Pleasure Gap
Brooks Young Band

Badfellows - At The Modern Gypsy

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