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1.Store your guitar picks under the couch. They will all end up there eventually anyways.

2. Sell your soul to Satan. Be Like Robert Johnson and the rest and just simply sell your soul to the devil at the crossroads. The way to summon the devil is to practice 2 to 10 hours a day for about a decade.

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Brooks Young Band, Concord NH, Music I use to think that using samples of other people’s music in my music was cheating. So I programmed my own drum loops and virtual instruments. I then thought that programming was cheating, so I learned to play drums for real. I then thought using store bought drums was cheating, so I made my own. I then thought that using premade drum heads was cheating, so I bought and killed a goat and made my own. I then thought........... Click read more below

Angry musicianHere are a list of 10 things you can say to really piss of a true musician. Sure there might be meaner things you could say like “your band sucks” but here are the things you don’t know really hurts them. If you want the musician in your life to cry or if you want to risk a punch to the nose- feel free to say these things to your rock-star want-a-be. Oh, you should also not say rock star wanta-be.

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