As we all know, Go Local Camp N Jam V is just around the corner; Saturday June 28th to Sunday June 30th. As a build up to that weekend, we are featuring a few of the musical acts over the next week that you will be able to see at the festival. Today’s featured musical act is Rachel Vogelzang

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Are you ready for the festival of the summer? Are you ready for more than 35 local bands and musicians to be taking two stages? Are you ready for almost as many vendors selling a bunch of stuff ranging from coffee, T-shirts, disc golf discs, hoops, Pizza, burritos, hot dogs, veggie shit, and all kinds of food other “things”. Are you ready for disc golf? Are you ready for a professional light experience? Are you ready for Strangers Helping Stangers? Are you ready for us to start a sentence without the words “are you ready”? SO ARE WE!!!

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Woot- So, you might be wondering where we have been the past month. Well, we had a baby. I mean, the website didn’t have a baby, the guy typing on the keys right now, creating the thing you are reading, he had a baby(well his wife did... and why am i talking in third person?). So, we’ve been a little busy changing diapers and stuff. You can see a picture of our little girl on the right.. Ain't she cute? But, we are back and you will be seeing updates and such like you did in the past.

First thing we would like to tell you about now that we are back is the 2nd Granite State Music Festival.... read the rest here

A few local bands are putting out albums in the next few months. We've listed a few you have to look forward to!

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Local Music News

Boogie on Alice at Rocking Horse

-Boogie on Alice is finishing up their album at Rocking Horse Studios. They (and we) are hoping to hear the album sometime in the next few months. You can catch the band at True Brew in Concord on 4-20. Then with see the band with Tim Kile (formerly of Arcade Fire and Wild Light) and The Brooks Young Band at the Capital Center for the Arts. Rocking Horse Studio, the best recording studio in the area is presenting the evening.

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So we have been talking about Go Local Camp and Jam V a lot the last couple days but it has been for good reason. First, they announced they had Zach Deputy headlining their festival. Next, they announced a reduced rate on their tickets for a limited time. We have another announcement from the guys at go local music. They have confirmed that Super group “Kung Fu” will also be playing at the event. This is certainly shaping up to be the best camp and jam ever. Seriously, if they have one more announcement of cool ass stuff, we might explode.

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