September 5-7, 2014 is the 4th annual Baker River Arts and music festival in Rumney, NH! This is a three day festival with camping celebrating local music and Arts. Lots of great local bands will be taking to the stage to bring you some amazing music. Prices are cheap and reasonable too. With day passes starting at 10 and full all inclusive, three day passes topping out at 60 bucks. Definitely check It out.
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The first www.Yourband.info local music compilation album is almost finished. We have been spending the last few weeks recording with some of the area’s best local musicians in our multi-million dollar recording studio (umm… maybe not multi-million.. maybe .0001% of a million). Each artist has selected one of their songs and we recorded them- solo- just them- one person, alone with a guitar and their voice (except for Derek and Eric who performed as a duo, but we figured that was OK because their names rhyme). This album will surely be the best release you will hear- ever.

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Supporting the local arts helps support a community. Music is a thing that brings people together- music is always playing around you, it is what moves us. If you are in a mall, or on hold, or in a bar, or even at the Doctors office; Music is playing. We as humans all to often forget that music doesn’t need to be done by celebrity bands or musicians to be good. The music made right in your back yard is some of the best around- I guarantee it. Those bands and musicians need your support. You can help in SO many ways and some for free that you can do right from the safety of your smart phone while you are pooping. Here is a list of ten things you can do:

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By Rachel Vogelzang
I got my start playing open mics here in Concord. If it weren't for the loving, caring, occasionally overly-friendly crowd of musicians who cheered me on, I don't know if I would be where I'm at today. Which is running between one and three open mics a week, offering new performers a chance to shine, and coming up with passive-aggressive lists about the few things I dislike about my totally kickass job.

I love my job, don't get me wrong. I get to hear new talent, hang out with old friends, and be a smartass on the microphone. I've only been doing the hosting thing for a little over a year now, so I'm no expert. However, I have pulled together a few things you can do if you really want to piss off the person who is assisting you in your 15 to 20 minutes of late night local music fame.

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Do you think you know a lot about the local music scene? Take our short little quiz to see how you fair in points! Make sure to comment at the end of this article your score to see how you stack up against your friends.

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18th Annual New England Homebrewers Jamboree

What are you doing September 5 - September 7 2014? I am heading up to Tamworth, New Hampshire for the 18th Annual New England Homebrewers Jamboree. This festival features some of the best regionally brewed beer you can find. You get to taste, camp and get pretty snookered. Along with all of that, you get to hear the top band bands in the state play their tunes. Like peanut butter and jelly- music and beer go together perfectly. PLUS- there is camping!!!! Camping and music go together well like umm… beer and music. On top of all that, this is an event that cares. All the proceeds from the Jamboree benefit Make-A-Wish New Hampshire.

I hate Rachel Vogelzang. She has destroyed my afternoon. She is recording a new album and has a pledge drive going on over at Pledgemusic.com to support her album (it's like Kickstarter but better). So, why does this make me want to rip out a clump of her hair, set it on fire and toss it at her? Let me explain, I don’t hate her - I passionately despise her and want to stab her in her freckling face because I LOVE the items she has up for exclusives. I can’t decide which one I want to buy. I made the decision that I would spend about 20 bucks to help her meet her goal, but, there are just too many great things to choose from! F*%^ you Rachel Vogelzang!!!!!

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Unfortunately Books Young, a local music hero, is moving on. Below is a letter sent to yourband.info written by Brooks saying goodbye.

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Yesterday we posted an article about the events taking place at Market Days this weekend in regards to music. You can read the full story here- http://yourband.info/index.php?q=Market-Days-Live-Music-2014
Since the publishing of that article we have received around 50 emails of support and a couple of disagreement. We were invited to speak on 94.7 FM last night and outlined our concerns there as well. On top of that- we have talked to numerous people at market days. Below is a response that we recently gave to people who may have disagreed with a portion of our thoughts on the matter. We felt that it is important for everyone to understand that this community of musicians that call Concord home are more than grateful and appreciative of bands from out of town. They are also what makes this scene great…. With that… read our recent response below

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