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Oct 4th 2014- This year marks the 15th annual "Dan Zanes & Local Friends" concerts to benefit The Friendly Kitchen, Concord NH's only soup kitchen. It will feature Grammy Award winning artist Dan Zane's and local friends. Dan put together a group of local musicians to back him on these two concerts. In addition to the band, there will be kids from Concord High School playing horns and an assortment of other children singing with Dan.

This is an all ages event and children are encouraged to come! Dan and his local friends will put on two shows on October 4, 2014 at the Concord High School Auditorium. It is a fun filled afternoon for all ages!

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Yourband.info, has released a compilation album. The album, Local Blend Volume I, features various local solo artist and bands from around Concord NH. We THINK this project is the first compilation album done featuring musicians from the area(although we didn't really check to see if we were right). It was released September 8th 2014.

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18th Annual New England Homebrewers Jamboree

What are you doing September 5 - September 7 2014? I am heading up to Tamworth, New Hampshire for the 18th Annual New England Homebrewers Jamboree. This festival features some of the best regionally brewed beer you can find. You get to taste, camp and get pretty snookered. Along with all of that, you get to hear the top band bands in the state play their tunes. Like peanut butter and jelly- music and beer go together perfectly. PLUS- there is camping!!!! Camping and music go together well like umm… beer and music. On top of all that, this is an event that cares. All the proceeds from the Jamboree benefit Make-A-Wish New Hampshire.

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On Friday, September 12 Chris Peters is opening for the prolific, nationally acclaimed Singer & Songwriter, Chris Trapper. Best known as the front man for Boston based band, The Push Stars. And the # 1 selling song, "This Time," featured on the Grammy Nominated soundtrack to the movie, August Rush!!

We recently posted an article on what bands do to piss off bookers. A lot of bands took offence and were outraged that we did not point the mirror back at the booker. Bands believe that bookers are evil little people who, when not booking bands, live under bridges and yell at goats to not pull the hair on their chinny chin chin( or something like that). Well, let’s be honest- Bookers do suck sometimes- they suck hardcore. They are smug little assclowns that are really just here to destroy the music scene around town and exploit your band for the venues benefit. BUT- have you ever held a real job? Yeah, every boss is trying to do that to you- it is not just bookers. But hell- lets point a finger at them- shake it and tell them what they are doing wrong. I call for a lynch mob! Instead of giving a list of what they do wrong- we want to hear YOUR booker nightmare stories. Comment them below!!! We will start it off with a story of our own.

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We here at Yourband.info have a few friends who book shows at some of the more popular venues around NH, VT and Mass. We sent each of these people an email asking their input on what bands do to piss them off. They each sent a list of things that bands do that annoy the hell out of them and risk those bands not getting booked again.
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Written by Rachel Vogelzang

I realize this is a very serious subject, and I don't mean to make light of it in any way, shape or form. Okay, well maybe one shape. Or two. Speaking of shapes, have you seen Corey Garland(Them in The Hive) from behind lately? Carrying that kid of his up and down the stairs and building play structures in his backyard is doing wonders for that ass.

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The first www.Yourband.info local music compilation album, Local Blend Vol I, is almost finished. Recording of the album is complete and we are now in the final stages of mixing and mastering the album. Again- This is a completely FREE downloadable digital album. It is set to be released Tuesday September 9th 2014. During our last update we told you all the names of the solo artists that are going to be featured on album...click here to read that. Now we are telling you what full BANDS you have to look forward to on the album.

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