Cole Robbie Band is doing a show with Boogie On Alice at Toad Hall in Franklin. It's a cool place and could be a cool venue in the future if we support it now. The Boogie and Cole Robbie show is October 10th 2015. Toad Hall is 4 stories of art n sculpture and the bottom floor is a live music venue. Great sound system ran well and they are doing a lot on a limited budget. With Cole Robbie pulling a good crew from the north and Boogie On Alice bringing up from the Concord area, there is going to be a great big ol party on our hands October 10th.
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1. You think he is just a bad guitar player and that is why he plays bass.

2. Every time you see him you ask him if he knows any Primus tunes.

3. Asking to borrow a pick...

4. You make fun of his ponytail.

5. “Oh, you slap de the bass”… just shut up.

First off let me say that I am no one special. I play in a couple bands that none of you have heard of. I run a studio and make music independently every day. I love music and follow the industry and trends religiously. I believe I have a pretty good grasp on this whole music thing. I'm just going to rant some unorganized tips/observations about being an artist making original music. Genre is irrelevant.

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Bands often ask me questions on what is the best service for bands to get stickers, shirts, cds, ETC. I have decided to put this little list together so bands can have quick access to all the places I think are the best. If you have a suggestion, post it below in the comments!!!!









Business Cards


Producer: Ryan Ordway
Co Producer: Brooks Young
Mixed by: Ryan Ordway, Co Mixed by Charlie Chamberlain
Engineered by: Ryan Ordway, Franz Haase and Johnny Petruzzelli
Masted by: Tom waltz, Walts Mastering
Recorded at: The Recording Co-Op Gilford,NH

Vocals: Brooks Young
Bass: Todd Waler
Drums: Tony Interlande
Keys: Jeff LeRoy
Slide Guitar: Chris Cochran
Acoustic/Electric Guitars: Brooks Young

Eric Ober and Derek Astles signed up for the 2015 RPM Challenge ... Where bands are challenged to write, record and finish a ten-song album ALL in the month of February.

‘Local Blend Vol II’ is in the works!!!! “Volume I” featured some of the area’s artists playing solo acoustic tunes. Volume two is going to feature local bands. FULL BANDS playing amazing local music. We are hoping to have a large collection of local bands on this compilation from a wide spread of genres. Our last project was downloaded 10,000 times and we are hoping to top that with this project. Look for this compilation album to be release in the next month!

If you are in a band that wants to be involved, please shoot us an e-mail- yourbandinfo@gmail.com

For local blend vol I click here

Merrimack Music Series

Merrimack Music is back in full swing and kicking off hard this SUNDAY, Feb 22 with a FREE, ALL AGES show at the Concord City Auditorium. Four shows will be taking place at the Audi. The concerts will all be FREE and open to all ages. That is right. F-R-E-E-A-H. umm. Meaning, you don’t have to pay… anything. So why would you NOT go? Are you too good for free awesome music, too busy re-lacing your tennis shoes, do you have a hair appointment? The shows start at 3pm and go until 5pm

Granite State Music Festival- Pay to Play

The Granite State Music Festival is accepting band submissions for consideration via Sonicsbids. Click right here to apply: http://www.sonicbids.com/find-gigs/2015-granite-state-music-festival/ If you would like to play the festival, just make sure to send in your application via that website. You then have the opportunity to be one of the bands selected to play this fabulous festival. GSMF is truly the best local music festival around Concord. This year it takes place June 20-21, 2015. It is a great show and a good opportunity for local bands to play on a large stage.

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