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We accept credit card payment via paypal. You simply need to select your payment option, enter the name that you would like thanked in print and hit buy now! We are hoping to print 500 copies that will be available at various local businesses for free.

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how to buy a MicYou’ve found your band and you’ve learned a few tunes. You’ve also played in your bedroom for hours on hours. You are ready to try recording some tunes. But, you need to buy your first mic. What microphone should you buy as your first mic? We are going to give you four suggestions that you should buy. Each mic recommended will be under 100 bucks(cheap in mic standards) but these mics will also never be outgrown as you progress musically.

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We have been doing Yourband.info for 7 years now. We have hit a major milestone; 1000 stories. That is right, 1000 stories that we have written, posted and shared. 1000 stories about local bands, local venues, music education geared towards local musician, one local music compilation album, and interviews with successful local musicians. If you can’t tell, our focus is local music. That is one new story every 3 days for 7 years.

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Our contest for free recording time has ended. The winner is…

Holly Furlone.

Holly is a member of the Midweeklings but will use this time to record some of her solo work. We are excited to have Holly coming to our studio.

Read a recent interview with Holly Furlone here:

Somerville Symphony Orkestar

1.Store your guitar picks under the couch. They will all end up there eventually anyways.

2. Sell your soul to Satan. Be Like Robert Johnson and the rest and just simply sell your soul to the devil at the crossroads. The way to summon the devil is to practice 2 to 10 hours a day for about a decade.

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Turn off- If you are on stage, please turn off/mute the sound feed going to the audience. The audience does not want to hear you tune.

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1. Take a look at this chart, it represents the circle of 5ths (open in new window). The outside letters represent the major keys and the inside letters represent their relative minors. If you don't understand what that means, thats okay for now, keep reading.

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Your Musician Horoscope


Your fingers are especially fast today, guitarist. You'll find that it communes well with your anxious groupies. Someone may have recently stepped into your life and now it's time to engage with this person on a deeper level, make them sit though you playing an open mic or free bird at home. It's wise to take things one step at a time and only play one or two notes for each guitar solo. Don't let your imagination get carried away because no one relaly likes a flange effect. It could be hard to find the line between imaginary and actual. Watch out, your drummer is sleeping with your ex-girlfriend.

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I normally only publish music stuff on this site, but this story had to be told.

Computer History MuseumI am a letter writer. I complain. If a company promises me service, and I am paying for that service, I demand to get that service. My journey in constant letter writing started when I sent a letter to Ramen Noodles in college because one of their products I had purchased did not have the flavor packet. They sent me a free case of noodles… yes, a case(retail value 44 cents). I have been an Amazon Prime member for about 3 years now and have never had one single issue with any of their deliveries or packages. I might get a package once a week or at least once a month so that is a pretty good track record. I use them to buy diapers, paper towels, music gear, and most recently a computer. My laptop had broken so I did my research and ordered one online for the first time from Amazon. Then it happened… mistakes.

Yourband.info in conjunction with YourBand Studios is giving away a full day of FREE recording time. Click here to vote! The band or solo artist with the most votes at the end of the 2 week voting period that started September 27th wins a free day of recording at YourBand Studios.

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