Wolfsburg Farm Fest CanceledThis summer in NH is shaping up to be a great couple of months for some wonderful local music festivals. Unfortunately it appears that one of these festivals has been canceled, The Wolfsburg FarmFest. The festival was set to take place June 8-10 in East Holderness, however the town has taken issue and the concert will not take place.

Things New Bands Should Know and Do!!! The Secrets-

Today marks the 101st birthday of guitar legend Robert Johnson. Is celebration of this fact an animated video has been created for your viewing pleasure. We hope you enjoy it!

By Benjamin Hoffman

The Chics Most of us who’ve played in bars have had to share the stage with another band (even ones we didn’t know) at one point or another. While it may not be the ideal situation, it does seem virtually inevitable. To make things run smoother for all involved, I’ve come up with five little etiquette tips. Some of these are based on my own experiences. Some are based off of observations I’ve made at other shows. ALL are guaranteed to make you go triple platinum.*note

Are you sick of having tangled cables? If you are like a thousand other musicians you roll you cables up and toss them in a bag. At your next show or practice you spend hours untangling them and wondering why they are now not working properly. This video shows you the correct way to roll your cables. It is an easy method and one that all musicians should be using. So, watch the video, practice it a couple of times and save your cables from destruction!

Omar Rodríguez-López's Pedal BoardIf you are like us, you love gear. We spend days and weeks and months looking for that perfect pedal to make your guitar tone perfect coming out of your amp. We are doing a short series posting pictures of local musician's pedal boards. We hope you enjoy it! You’ll learn a little bit about what other bands use and maybe get some ideas of your own. If you are a local musician, send us your pedal board in a picture. Click here to e-mail us
Make sure to read part one!

Roller Derby is spreading around New Hampshire like a wild fire. Concord has its own team, the Legislashers, who play all their home bouts at the Everett Arena. You might be wondering why we are talking about a roller derby team at yourband.info, what does it have to do with music? Well, the Legislashers have teamed up with Go-Local Music to bring the best local area bands to the Everett Arena.

First, we know that Cover bands require time and money

Cover bands = Time x Money

Next we know that Time is money

Cover bands = Money x Money= Money^2

As we learned in a previous Yourband.info feature, Things Guitar Players Should Know, a bass player is only 2/3 of a guitar. Using simple math that would make a bass player 2/3 the man of a guitar player, right? WRONG! In fact, in my experience, bass players are the ones that truly get all the girls.

There is a study that shows that fruit flies pick up females by rubbing their wings together to produce a deep buzzing noise. The buzzing then produces a song which attracts the lady’s senses. This song helps the female to find the male that’s singing, and the rest is history. Well what, you may ask, produces a low buzzing noise? THE BASS GUITAR! There is no reason why this shouldn’t work for us humans too, cause we ain’t nothing but fruit flies looking for a good lay, right?

XLR panel

How do you know when to use the "phase" button on a preamp?

Effectively, when it sounds better that way.

It's most often used in two situations: first, on a vocal cue, the phase interactions between the direct sound from the singer's throat to their ears can interact badly with those coming in via their headphones, so you want to give them the best sounding cue mix. This will vary depending on how the mic is wired and how far they are from the mic. Flip it and ask them what they like better.

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