Go local Music’s 4th annual “Camp n Jam” is fast approaching. This year the festival is scheduled for July 14th with overnight camping until July 15th. That is just a month away. Make sure you have that weekend free and head out to Palmer Grove in Northwood NH... 76 Golf Road. The gates open at 11am and music starts at noon. For 20 bucks you get, their famous "bottomless cup" of beer, camping, swimming, boating, midnight movie, and disc golf. On top of that, you get a dozen of the best local musical acts around. You can pick up your ticket at the gate or online here: http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/231337

It’s Tuesday night and I am down at Penuche's in Concord NH. Normally they do not have musical acts on Tuesday, but tonight is a special event. THEY HAVE A NEW STAGE. That is right, Penuche's has a stage. After years of musicians being forced to find a corner on the floor and be at the same level as the crowd, the management has decided it is time for a stage. The stage is on the smaller size. A full band might have trouble fitting all their band equipment and band members on the stage. The height of the stage is maybe 4 to 5 inches and around 6 by 8 feet wide. There was talk from a few of the regulars that they might be expanding the stage by a few feet. I hope this is something that they pursue because adding an additional three or four feet would make a tremendous difference to the usability of the stage.

Well it’s been several days since I last wrote; mostly because of spotty interweb connections, and having to drive 6+ hours a day. I’ll try and give a quick filling-in of my whereabouts right now…

We join a rather cranky Jarg Hammondjeeze, the Crunchy Western Boys psychiatrists and life-style consultant, as he sips a large absinth and holds forth on a variety of topics. Including, but not limited to bands, music, time, spelling, the Beatles, and turn signals…

This is part three...
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Well, as you probably know because you have found yourself here, or on my blog; I’m on tour for several weeks by myself in a rather small Ford Ranger with no cap, crammed with a bunch of necessary things. The most important being my guitar.

We asked Johnny Virum of Virus Cycle to write us a short piece about what he thought of the music scene around town. This is his story about how he feels the Boston Music Scene is doing. Do you agree? use the comment feature at the end of the article to let us know how you feel!

Also make sure to check out the music of Virus Cycle http://www.viruscycle.com

It’s always a looming feeling; something hanging over your head that you know is just coming right down the road at you. And before yah know it, you’re packing your bag and double checking things, and making sure you’re all ready to go, because it’s finally time. The night before I left, I had a quiet-calm overtake me- a very serene feeling as I was wrapping up cables, folding t-shirts, packing away road food. I was doing everything so carefully, and precise, and my mind wasn’t racing a mile a minute. And I wasn’t even worried about leaving. Before I knew it, it was time for my last night in my own bed for several weeks. I had no problem falling asleep.

American Idol Attraction at Disney's Hollywood StudiosThe following is a Public Service Announcement from Mr. Jarg Hammondjeeze, the personal psychiatrist and lift-style consultant of the Crunchy Western Boys:

Do you watch American Idol? Or you perhaps watch The Voice, or America’s Got Talent? Let me tell you this; you are the problem.

Every local band needs professional photos taken at some point. I am not talking about that picture your mom took of you jamming out in your basement with a bunch of yard sale crap in the back ground. You need real quality pictures taken by a pro. Bands need these pictures for websites, print media, electronic press kits, CD covers/inserts and to show off to potential girlfriends (“Look look, I am in a real band… date me”). If you live in the concord NH area, you should check out Corey Garland Photography. Corey’s work is two parts modern, one part classic and 3 parts downright awesome.

The Crunchy Western Boys STILL have a show coming up June 15th at the Tupelo Hall in White River Jct.VT. (Man, they ARE media whores aren’t they?) We pick up the interview conducted by a staff member of Yourband.info and Mr. Jarg Hammondjeeze, the bands personal psychiatrist and life-style consultant, well into an afternoon of beer and tequila shots…

(To see the first half of this conversation go here: http://www.yourband.info/index.php?q=Crunchy-Western-boys)

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