Introduction: A lot of people make awesome albums, but only a small percent of those awesome songs gain any momentum, and that can be very discouraging for new bands and musicians. With these tips, hopefully you can get the first push needed to turn your hobby into a career!

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I get asked about mastering all the time by artists who want to record their own album. People with DIY studios want to do it all and they know mastering is one of those steps. There are basically four step to finishing a song; Writing, performing, Recording, mixing and mastering. All of these phases are a different mix of Creative vs Technical and they go from more Creative to more Technical as you move along.

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Badfellows- new album

Badfellows is releasing a new album in August 2016 titled ‘Personal Beehive’. You can preorder the album on their Bandbcamp page for 2 bucks. You can also hear a preview of one of the songs below. It is fantastic.

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1. The best time to take a bathroom or smoke break is right before the band is about to start their set. You want the band to spend time searching the premises for you for at least 15 minutes. This sends the message that their set is not important and gives them a taste of the harsh realities of being in the music business.

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The band “People Skills” i

First off, let’s mourn the loss of a wonderful band- The Hornitz. For whatever the reasons (and we will get into those reasons) The Hornitz have called it quits. This band was amazing and I loved seeing them perform live. They will be greatly missed on the local music scene and beyond. Moving on, let’s get into the reason this was communicated in a childish manner so you can learn how to act professionally if you ever need to quit a band.

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Are you wondering why you have not made it big yet? Are you wondering why you are not drowning in money? Are you wondering why your song isn’t on the radio? Are you wondering why Pluto is not a planet? Well, I can tell you why. LAZY. Yep. Damn lazy.

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We have played at holiday craft fairs, in church basements, at the VFW Hall, at antiques shows, at the flea market (Hollis) -- and I am glad we have, even proud to say that we have. You can't parse too much w/ "family entertainment." All music ideally should be entertaining to all the families and friends, yes siree bob. I joke around, and say that puppet shows and pie-eating contests are our special-ity. Why not?
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