Have you heard about ’Sounds of the Scene’? It is a new radio show on WNHN-LP 94.7 FM promoting local music in and around Concord NH. The show is hosted by two local music advocates, Lucas Gallo and Eric ‘Fuzzy Bear’ Reingold.( to be clear, his nickname is NOT fuzzy bear and he has never been called that before in his life….but we are going to cross our fingers and hope it catches on; be sure to call him that next time you see him.. Why? Because.. just do it. please and thank you.) The show will be airing every other Wednesday night and we hope you will be tuning in!(this Wednesday Feb 26 2013 is an “on” week)

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It was 1999 and we were still partying like it was. I was in a little band that had toured all over New England, New York City, West Concord and has seen moderate amounts of success. We graced the cover of the Boston Globe, played almost every venue from Boston to Concord, had our record mastered by a Grammy nominated artist and had enjoyed spins of our music on the radio. We were nowhere near the verge of becoming famous but at the time it felt like we were.

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I love this town. For the past few years the music scene has grown by leaps and bounds. Every weekend you can hear and see tons of local bands and solo artists in Concord. They are all great bands too, Boogie on Alice, Diamond Joe, Rachel Vogelzang, Captain Chet Lawson, Juliana Cable, Beachwood, The Crunchy Western Boys and more and more. I could go on with 100 AMAZING bands that call Concord or a surrounding town their home (maybe I will in another article, yeah… look for article next week with a list of bands you should get out and see and why.) Anyways, off track.. back on track, there are a lot of local bands, bars and people that are really bringing the music scene to a high point in Concord NH. There is one problem. Where is the main stream media? I am looking at you Concord Monitor!

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This weekend we have another foot of snow coming. This is what we get in New England, snow and more snow. While the white stuff is falling on your driveway make sure you think of this… Camp and Jam Five is coming soon!!!!!! The most wonderful sign of spring; the annual announcement of who will be playing Camp and Jam, who will be going and if Travis will be allowed a hand drum after midnight. It is something that we all await.
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Every single one of us joined a band for one reason and one reason only. No, it is not the free drinks. No, it is not the love of the road. No, it is not the camaraderie between bandmates. No, it is not the partially warm bar french-fries. No, it is not the women… wait.. no.. it IS the women. They are the only reason anyone of us ever picked up a guitar, pair of sticks or a microphone in the first place. You may notice I didn’t mention keys… That was on purpose, no one picks up the piano to get women. People start playing the piano because they have a low self esteem and want to be beat up by the cooler high school band geeks. The piano players in turn can beat up the choir kids. Ok, we have gotten off track. You started your band because you wanted a girl to like you. However, how can you now tell if that girl you got actually likes your band? There are some exact details that will positively show if your girlfriend hates, tolerates or loves your music venture.

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The local music scene is really taking off in our small capital city of Concord. A vast number of concert series and festivals have hit the area these past few years. The most recent is a four part concert series at the Concord City Auditorium brought to you by The Concord Community Concert Association and Merrimack County Savings Bank. The concert series will take place the first four Sundays in March 2013(yeah, March has 5 Sundays this year). If these first four shows are successful, you can expect to see more in the future.
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Mark Trottier(Go Local Music, Captain Chet, Tapedeck), the bass is now also playing drums for The Ghost Dinner Band. The Ghost Dinner Band was also recently nominated for "Best in New Hampshire" from the New England Music awards. Read more here--- http://yourband.info/index.php?q=local-music-news-Feb-2013

Local Rock Star

Local Rock Star

I am a rock star that no one will remember. I am a musician whose music will be forgotten. I am a lyricist whose rhymes will rot away. I am an instrumentalist whose notes will not be enshrined. I am a local musician whose passion cannot be killed. I am following in the footsteps of the millions of generations of great musicians before me. Musicians who were only known by the people who lived geographically near them. They were not famous, they were not stars; We are the Musicians.

Rock Star. It is a new phenomenon. 200 years ago there was no Hendrix, no Nirvana, No Lady Gaga and we didn’t believe in Beatles. Back then musicians struggled locally in the city squares, bars and brothels just as they do now. Much has recently changed for the few musicians who could make a million selling their songs. Not much has changed for the local musician.

What separates me from the rock star, what separates me from your girlfriend who can struggle though two verses of leaving on a jet plane, and what makes me so remarkably un-special yet amazing. After thousands of shows played, hundreds of songs written, hand full of band break-ups and one or two true fans; what keeps me going. The possibility of fame? No. To be remembered? No. To somehow please you? No. None of it. I don’t do it for the muse, or for the art. I do it because I know no better than to do this. The music pushes me and I punch back. It has provoked me, kept me up and strung me out. I have no choice but to listen, to obey and to perform. I am a musician.

What are you doing this weekend? If you are reading this article and are from New England, there is only one answer… GRANTIE STATE MUSIC FESTIVAL! This marks the inaugural year of the festival and it is promising to be one of the biggest music events that this small town has seen in a long time. It is a two day event taking place in the field at Everett Arena with more than 20 bands performing. Tickets are 45 dollars for the two day event and proceeds go to benefit the Concord Community Music School.

Ron Noyes of ‘Ron Noyes Band’ fame is running for public office. A little over a week ago Noyes announced that he would be running for Concord NH State Representative in District 27. Being that Ron Noyes has always been a fixture of the NH music scene, we jumped at the chance to sit down and ask him a few questions about his campaign.

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