Below are notes on Thelonious Monk's music performance advice. Picture below, transcription below that!!!
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Did you go out to some shows this weekend? Did you miss some shows? Below are some pictures of what happened around town. If you snapped some pictures, please send them to us yourbandinfo@gmail.com or post them on our facebook page

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If you are involved in the music scene in Concord NH, you know Lucas Gallo. You have seen him walking around in his little fancy hat, smoking a smoke, drinking a drink and skipping a skip. He books music shows at a few local venues; Penuche’s and True Brew. He also co hosts a radio show every other week on WNHN-LP 94.7 FM promoting local music in and around Concord NH. On top of all of that he runs Concord Music Scene on Facebook, a page that lists all the local gigs around town. If that wasn’t enough he also use to play in the band The Jamantics and still plays out on solo guitar. Geesh. Know what else? He owns a pig farm where each pig is taught to play guitar by 6 weeks of age (ok that is a lie). OK, well.. you might be wondering “what is the point of this article!” Are we just listing a bunch of stuff that Lucas does? NOOOOOO.. We are listing 5 things that you can DO TO LUCAS.

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I have owned an orange amp for about 4 years now. I can tell you, it is the most annoying amp I have ever owned. Seriously, annoying!!!! Below are the top 5 reasons why owning an orange amp sucks

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You have a band and you have your first show or maybe you have been performing out for a few years or maybe fear is keeping you from performing at all. You get nervous before every show… Terrified… freaked out. Stage fright can derail even the best musician from being able to put on a good show. With a few tips you should be able to get over that fright and give the performance of a life time.

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There was a lot of music this weekend. If you are like me you wish you could be there for it all. In reality we can't but below are some photos of what happened this weekend in the local music scene. Did your band play? Did you take a picture? Send it to us at yourbandinfo@gmail.com. Please include the name of the band, the venue and the date of the show!!!!

-Written By: G.M.

Whatever happened to the beloved bass chord? You will not find bass chords in the music coming out today. Well, not entirely true, you have to search for it. There are still select few bands that have a bass player good enough to throw one in there but it also depends on the song. Most of these bands however you will only find on Sirius/XM’s Jam band station. The modern band (you’ve heard them: Hollywood produced, over use of effects, very polished, use of auto tune) of today are lucky if the bass player even has a major role in the song let alone throwing in some killer bass lines and a chord on occasion.

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The Ron Noyes Band is a local act that always puts on a great show. You may think you know a lot about the band, but here are a few facts that I bet you didn’t know. Can you spot the one lie?

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We had a chance to sit down with the band 'Ways To Fall From NH. Weasked a bunch of questions, some stupid.. some even stupider. Click here to read the interview!.

Booking- Don’t book a show in the same town within 4 weeks of each other. You do this for a few reasons. Your band only has so many fans that will actually come out and see you play. If you spread yourself too thin, people won’t come to all your shows. You also want the show to be special. If you are playing the same town a few days apart, people will “just catch the next one” and never actually go to either show. They know you will be playing again in a few weeks anyways, where is the motivation to come see you today.

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