Have you been thinking about going to Camp n Jam this weekend but still cant decide. Maybe you have kids and don't think you can bring them. Read this child's thoughts on Camp N Jam IV that happened last year. As always, go local is kid friendly!!!!!

more on Camp N Jam V here: http://yourband.info/index.php?q=Camp-n-jam-v-survival-Kit

This past weekend was the 2nd annual Granite State Music Festival. It is awesome that we have more and more music coming to town. Concord is really becoming a hot bed of talent and music. Venues are popping up and great musical acts are appearing to fill them with people. The Granite State Music Festival was a music festival to showcase music. The GSMF succeeded and failed on different levels.

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You are a musician? Here are a few words of wisdom from other musicians. Listen to these statements or ignore them; we don’t care. But… ignore them to your own detriment. Look for part two coming shortly!

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Do you want to know what you are going to hear at this year’s Camp N Jam? We have a few live recordings from LAST year’s Camp N Jam IV. Look below for recordings from The Van Burens, Crunchy Western Boys and Ghost Dinner Band. All these bands will be at Camp N Jam V this year. Come down June 28th to the 30th. For all the details on the show; go here http://yourband.info/index.php?q=Camp-n-jam-v-survival-Kit

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Go Local Music Camp N Jam V is right around the corner. Just a little over a week away! Three days of music and more. Since this year is bigger and better than any other year we thought you could use a survival kit for the three days. Save this link on your smart phone and have access to it the entire time you are at the fest and need something. We hope this guide helps you survive the fun!

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Have you been to the Grange in Penacook NH for the Riverhill Grange Concert Series? I had not been there to see a show until this past Saturday. I was sort of avoiding it cause seriously; it’s Penacook. Penacook is not even its own proper town. It is a part of Concord but insists on having its own identity. Places like that should be avoided. However, since I myself LIVE in Penacook and the Grange is only a ¼ of a mile down the road, I finely figure I should make the trip. Of course I will need ride though… BYOB!

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GDB creeps out of New England to play for the charming folks in Saratoga Springs and Skidmore College! Since we love this band and we are friendly with a few of the band members,(we hate some too), we are getting LIVE updates from the road! how exciting!!!!! keep checking back for MORE updates!

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It is a weeknight and I am heading out to Rocking Horse Studio in Pittsfield NH. On my way out I respond to a friend’s text about a show he has coming up, saying... I will get back to them later, “Heading To Rocking Horse”. (I texted from a Dunkin’s not while driving.. I needed an iced coffee) My friend, Ron, wishes me luck on the recording session but I don’t correct him. I am not heading out to Rocking Horse to record. I am not heading out to track or mix or any of that. I am heading out to meet and chat with the owner, Brian Coombes. Sorry Ron for that misleading text; please forgive me.

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So you have a band. You have an album you did in your basement, a pro studio, or live recordings. Now you want people to hear it. You’ve sold a few CDs at shows, to your mom, some drunken guy and your girlfriend. What now? You want to hear yourself coming out of the radio. Of course you do. There is no greater thrill then hearing a tune you recorded come out of the radio. Here is how to get your band on the radio in ONE easy step. You heard me ONE EASY STEP!!!

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Explaining compression to you like you're actually five years old, since no one else seems to.

Alright, kiddo. Say you're watching TV and trying not to wake mommy. And the commercials are really loud. Way louder than your cartoons. So you grab the remote and turn down the commercials. Now things are at a good volume.
But now your cartoons are too quiet! So you turn the volume up when it's quiet back to where you like it. And then the commercials come on, and they're loud again! So you turn the volume down to normal, and when your cartoon comes on, you turn it back up. Commercials down, cartoons up. Again and again.

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