Dusty Gray Band has been making noise in the Concord music scene for a few years now. We figured it was high time to speak to the most important person in the band... Dusty Gray. However, due to a scheduling snafu we were stuck with their guitarist. We soon learned that we in fact we were not even talking to a guitarist... we were talking to their bass player, Chris Noyes. As to not make him feel even worse for being just a bass player, we decided to let him answer our 5 questions anyway.

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This week and weekend is a big deal in Concord music. First lets talk about what we have going on at Penuche’s. Tonight Wednesday July 17th you can catch Concord Favorites Lamont Smooth for a reuinion show. It has been a while since the Lali brothers have shared a stage… don’t miss it(I hope I can call the Laliotis brothers the "lali bros" without getting beat up by them...). Thursday you can see Donkilo at penuches. Friday- Boogie on Alice will perform naked, at home, and then go to Penuche’s for a fully clothed show at 9pm. Saturday The Shardz take the stage. Make sure you go down and punch the bass player in the foot. No particular reason why, but… you should.

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This article is addressed to you. Yes you, sitting reading this. You know who you are. There are a few reasons why your band sucks. These things can be fixed! Just stop doing the list of things below and you will be on your way to not sucking.

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Everyone knows about Go Local Music but not everyone knows personal and intimate secrets about cofounder, Joanna Trottier. I figured it was high time we learned a little about this fabulous lady. Last Wednesday I snuck into her house, cleaned her dishes, rearranged her refrigerator and I left a list of five questions taped to the stove... This week... I returned and they were answered. Those answers are below!

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Never had I seen such a show as the one the Ron Noyes Band Put on at Camp N Jam V. Gonna be a long time before I forget that show. Give me a second and I will tell you all about it. You will not believe how amazing it was. Up in the top ten performances I have seen all time.

Never since the dawn of time has the crowd been both been able to ignore the rain and love the music. Gonna have to see Ron Noyes and his Band all the time now. Let the music rain down on me. You know what I mean. Down with bad music, up with Ron Noyes

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You are a musician? Here are a few words of wisdom from other musicians. Listen to these statements or ignore them; we don’t care. But… ignore them to your own detriment. Look for part Three coming shortly!

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Crappy Service

We did a review of Granite State Music Festival a couple weeks ago. One of the major concerns was the porta-potty situation. By the 2nd day they were in terrible condition. We attended Go Local Music Camp N Jam V a week later… same thing. Now, I could say this was the fault of the promoters of the events but, it was not in this case. Each event was to have their poo cleaned out each morning By Dave’s Septic. Each morning came and each morning the company failed to show up to clean. Each promoter contacted the poop people and asked when their poo would be cleaned… they were told “right away”… but it never was. Crappy crapper service at festivals is crap. Below is a letter that we were able to get a copy of sent to the poo kings from the Go Local Director.

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There are soooo many local shows to go to this week it is hard to pick and choose. You should really go to all of them, support local music.. Get out there. If however, you cannot teleport yourself from one location to the next… here are the ones I am looking forward to going to this Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

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Some of you might be wondering who The Ripping E Brakes are exactly. Some of you might know who they are. Some of you might be able to eat just one Lays potato chip. Some of you might love Derek Astels. Some of you might not know Derek Astels. Some of you might know Derek Astels, talk to him for a bit and totally not recognize who he is and then feel stupid the next day when you realize you do know him but you acted like you had no clue who he was because he had a hat on and you had a few beers past two. The most important thing you know though is that The Ripping E Brakes are the ultimate local band.

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