We normally only talk about music and bands here on Yourband.info and that’s it. Nothing else. It says so right in the freaking web address… your BAND. However, we became aware of a local artist that has been doing some amazing things inspired by music. Or if not inspired by music at least will be interesting to those who love music and art. Or art and music. Or just music. Or just art. Or… forget it.. let’s move on…. Her name is Emily Weber and you may have seen her face around at a local music show or two. You may also have seen her art at a few local businesses like Dos Amigos or prominently displayed on Andy Laliotis’s wall.

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Mikey Vyce Anti Hoot

This Thursday you should stop in Penuche's Concord and pay tribute to Mikey Vyce and catch some of his friends and family play their hearts out in his memory. This is the 4th annual Mikey Vyce Anti Hoot.The cover charge of a mere $3 goes to his family, so bring your friends. Mikey Vyce impacted numerous people in the local music community. Bands, organizations, and friends were created because of him. Not only did he play music himself but he inspired others to do the same- whether with him or on their own.

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1. Being a musician will attract the opposite sex- ---Yep- it’s true, when you are a musician you seem very attractive to the opposite sex. Like Brad Pitt circa 1999 attractive. Well, unless you are an ugly man-beast and…. And let’s face it- most of the people who read this site are on the bottom side of the attractive scale (Attractive people are busy getting busy-not surfing the internet). However, you can use being a musician to ‘trick’ the opposite sex into believing you are the next incarnation of Ryan Gosling. By exploiting the “love of the musician” to your advantage you can find your perfect soul mate or just sleep around with a bunch of people with questionable morals (no judgment here!)........ read the rest of the story here!!!

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What are you doing Saturday from 2 pm to 11pm? Nothing? Nursing a hangover? Putting baseball cards in the spokes of your Mini Cooper? Teaching yourself Latin? Ecce! En pictura est puella, nomine Cornelia. (sorry- little Latin joke- Trust me- anyone who took Latin in school is rolling on the ground right now.) Anyways, what you SHOULD be doing is going down to Bicentennial Square in Concord NH this Saturday September 28th. The square has been a hot bed of great local music this year. This festival is being put on by Rocking Horse Studios. Brian Coombes who owns Rocking Horse put this show together to feature local acts that have worked with the studio.

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In Concord NH we have a few big local festival and shows coming up in the next few weeks/months. Rocking Horse Studio is putting on event; we have the Mike Vyce Anti-Hoot; and Yourband.info Rocktoberfest. Each show promises to have some of the best area musicians, with multiple acts AND each is going to be amazing in their own way!

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The 3 events in my entire life that I remember exactly where I was and what I was doing...

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I see a horrible trend happening in the local music scene. NO OPENER!!!! most of the time I see just one band playing all night. There are a few reasons why bands are no forgoing having an opening band. Money, time and bar request. There are many more added benefits to having an opener- more fans, good will, better show, experience, helping the scene, groupies(hmm maybe not) and networking. Having an opening band is not just a favor to the opening band as lots of people see it. In this article we will address all your concerns and explain exactly why YOUR BAND should have an opener at your next show.

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Sometimes we receive letters on our reviews from fans or haters. Sometimes we respond- sometimes we don't- sometimes we post our responses. Guess what we did this time.....

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More Info on the Rippin' E Brakes:

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