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We have all played a show where something goes wrong. Your guitar string breaks, a battery dies, all your sticks snap, cables fray, outlets are far away… and none of this even addresses the drunk band member who pukes and falls off time. Not much you can do about the drunk bandmate but you can be prepared for the other possible catastrophes with just a little preparation. With just a few minutes of planning you can save hours of frustration- First step- get a small bag or suitcase or other type of container. In this bag you are going to put all the little things that you ALWAYS forget, ALWAYS need and ALWAYS swear you are going to bring to your next show. Take all the items listed below and put them in the bag/box… and LEAVE IT IN YOUR CAR- never take this bag out of your car. You don’t need to bring it into the gig, unless you need it, but when you do need it, you will be glad it is there.

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It is a little after 9AM as I enter the studio and everyone turns to stare at me- Sometimes I feel like the enemy. “Watch what you say around this guy- It might end up in print.” The day is just starting and the jokes are already flowing. We are at Rocking Horse Studios in Pittsfield NH and you can feel the magic in the air. Rachel Vogelzang is in the studio recording her debut album. She has graciously invited me to be a fly on the wall while she records in this beautiful studio. “I forgot you were here and that made me happy for a minute” jokes George Laliotis. George is playing the drums on Rachel’s album and it is his first time recording at Rocking Horse. The musicians that Rachel and Rocking Horse owner Brian Coombes have put together for this record are some of the best in the area(and some of them think they are the best comedians). The lineup includes Joseph Pierog on bass, Matt Jensen on guitar and Myron Kibbee also on guitar. Rachel fills out this all-star cast with her piano, guitar and vocals.

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Sometimes people forget how lucky we are to have such a thriving music community in this small state of New Hampshire. It is not something we should just assume we have always had around and are guaranteed to have forever; because it isn’t. This music scene is something we all have to be a part of and work for to have it last and grow. It is the local musicians, bar owners, writers, studios, bookers, radio DJs and the fans that keep this ball rolling and rocking on its way down this musical path. It was not too long ago when you could not find local bands playing around Concord except for a few times a month. Now, you can find a live band almost every night of the week. Not only can you find music happening but… the music is GOOD. Each band is playing and raising the bar for the next band. It is not a competition but a learning experience, one veteran band teaches the next new band how to do things. That new band teaches that old dog some new things. We are all friends, we are all family, and in some cases we are all lovers (this is your monthly reminder to get tested). We all love this community for different reasons. Yourband.info wanted to know why we all love this community so we asked a number of local musicians, bartenders, fans, and one confused dog this question ‘What is your favorite part about the local music scene?’ Here are their responses…

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Ok- the weekend is coming up and we have a bunch of shows that you should check out. I mean- EVERY weekend has some great shows and we are not gonna list them all out but give you an idea of what shows can’t be missed (go to our calendar here for full listings- http://yourband.info/index.php?q=calendar)

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We did an article last week begging bands to start promoting their shows. It is a terrible thing when no one knows who is playing shows in a given week. I honestly get texts, emails and FB requests from all sorts of people each week asking me what show they should be going to this weekend. If I don’t know about your show; I can’t tell people about it. So, I’ve created this handy little tips list to help you promote your event.

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I go to a ton of local shows. I mean a ton. Like a few a week. I mean- you pretty much see me at all the shows around town. For example- this Friday I am going to see my friend Rachel tear it up at Tandy’s in Concord. What else am I doing? I don’t know. I have no clue. What am I doing next weekend? I have no clue! Why? Because YOU ARE NOT PROMOTING YOUR SHOWS!!!!!!!! Fine Hate me- but I am telling you- You are an idiot. I love you- but YOU are an idiot. I am sick and tired of you not promoting your shows. With all the technology you have available at your finger tips; there is no excuse. You are lazy. Plain and simple- LAZY!!!!! I mean, I love you, I find you attractive, I like your pants- I love your music- seriously I do. Please listen though….

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What are you doing tonight October 25th 2013? Do you feel like dressing up? Do you feel like hearing some good music? Do you feel like going to Bicentennial Square in Concord? Do you feel like reading this sentence? Do you, YOU, feel like I doooo? Well if you do, grab your talk box and head down to catch ‘Them In The Hive’ along with ‘Ghost Dinner Band’ perform in downtown Concord. After their show you can catch Diamond Joe at Penuche’s.

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This Saturday night at Chen Yang Li in Bow, Yourband.info is putting on a big big show; ROCKTOBERFEST. We have 10 of the area’s best bands that will take to the stage to perform for you. But this isn't just a show for the fans. It is a show for musicians. If you are a musician or play in a band- You should be here. Why? Well, you do get to see awesome bands, but on top of that we have a ton of industry peeps that will be at the show! Rocking Horse Studio, Cider Magazine, Go- Local Music, 100.1 FM, Blue Sky Studios, 94.7 FM and MORE will be at this event looking to chat with people. Do you have a band and have always wanted to record in a pro studio? Or do want to be played on the radio? Or do you want to play the famous Go Local Camp and Jam? Well, come down to Chen Yang Li this Saturday the 26th- meet all the folks that promote local music. ANNNND hear kick ass music.

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