Yes it is true- The holiday season is over. That doesn’t mean it is too late to listen to some great Christmas tunes sung by everyone’s favorite duo- Ben & Corey. We here at yourband.info are not really sure what to think of this music adventure but we certainly suggest you listen… Get a cup of hot chocolate, dump it on the floor, fill the cup with rum, hit play and get ready for an experience.

We hate top ten lists. We hate having music being a contest. We hate it… but well.. it is the end of the year and we wanted to recap it. So we did. Below is a list of events that you should NOT have missed this year. They are not in any order at all. Random…. but there are ten of them. How many were you at? Were you at all ten? Comment at the end of the article how many you were able to catch! Also- tell us what we missed!!!!

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BBE boosta grande
Something I couldn't live without is some form of a boost pedal for my guitar! It's tough watching a show where a guitarist takes a solo & it's at the same level as their rhythm. If everything is mixed perfectly and maybe if it's a 3-piece, you can pull it off. But if there's too much going on in the background, you owe it to your solo to boost that sucker a bit & let it cut through the mix.

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Written by Jen Bundy

Dear Music,

The room is silent… waiting for you to start your beautiful music. My heart starts racing with the anticipation of what is coming. You start strumming the guitar lightly and you start to sing.. It is the most beautiful music I have ever heard and I feel my mind moving to a different place, a magical place where I can feel no pain and I can be at ease. This music for some reason always masks the truth, makes me forget for a couple moments what is real and what isn't.

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Wondering what is going on in local music? We do too! We have gone all around the town to pull up these news tidbits and possible gossipy rumors…. Do you have some music news? Share it will us by commenting at the end of the story!
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1. Drunk.-

You are in a rock band, you are suppose to drink and do drugs, right? If you want to sound like crap then yes, you should drink lots of booze. Sure, you can have a few drinks but try to limit your intake. Having 5 mixed drinks and a few beers before you take the stage makes your performance suffer (on stage performance and off stage with the groupies after the show). Your band will hate you if you are drunk and your drunkenness spoils the show. Plus it makes YOU look bad. People don’t respect people who don’t respect themselves enough to stay at least semi-sober for a show.
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We decided we would tell you our favorite local albums of the past couple years. Did we pick the same as you? Let us know.
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Editor Note: We contacted one of our favorite Bassists, Chis Noyes of The Dusty Gray Band(and others). We asked him to write a really good story about their show last night. Unfortunately he said yes… read all about the life of a bass player below.
I was originally under the impression I wouldn’t be at this show, since the Adam Ezra Group(AEG) specified a “complete backline”, but I guess The Dusty Gray Band could only use the “bass rig” and had to provide the “bassist” (real “complete” guys). I had some past experience with the AEG, playing a sub gig back when they were between bassists (one of the hardest of times a band can go through) so I knew going in they not only would put on a great show, but would share their rations in the green room and would be cool to hang out with. Expectations exceeded.

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The holiday season is coming up on us. This means it is time for you to buy yourself some presents. Sometimes it is hard to decide what to buy for yourself. Below we have listed a few items that you cannot do without. If you are in a band, you need each piece of gear below. If you don’t have it- buy it right now. Seriously…. YOU NEED THESE!!!!!

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