Are you in band? Do you like looking at yourself? If the answer to the first is yes… then we KNOW the answer to the 2nd question is a yes as well. If so, you should get professional band pictures taken. Why? Because it makes you look more professional, will get you more shows and and will impress your fans. It also allows you to look at yourself more, and we know you want to do that.

Photo by Rhythm  of Life Photography Getting shows at bars and venues for your band is hard work. You spend hours locked in a basement, playing music, with 2 or 3 other guys, one or two times a week for band practice. This dedication HAS to pay off. IT MUST pay off. Your band needs to get a gig. There has to be one magical secret to getting good shows. Well, know what? There is. We have THREE quick and easy ways to get gigs(although somewhat illegal). THREE surefire ways to get your foot in the door of any venue- although it is also a way to get you tossed on your ass.. banned from playing.. arrested.. maybe even deported? But isn't music worth the risk?

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The Local Band Index

A listing of local bands. Is it a complete list NO- are we gonna try to make it a complete list? YOU BET.

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1. Make sure to learn the intro to Nirvana’s ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’- Any chance you get, play this little riff and then laugh. Then play it again and smile. Then play it again and duck the flying fruit.

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WNHNDid you know that Concord NH has its very own local music radio show? Yeah- we do. Thursday nights at 9:00 pm on WNHN 94.7 you can hear ‘Granite State of Mind’ with Rob Azevedo and Dave Cummings. This local radio show features musicians from around town, playing a few tunes LIVE on air as well as a little chat and some music played off of CDs. This past Thursday I took a trip over and sat in on one of the shows.

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A man whose music has touched us all has passed away today. It is an extremely sad day. Everyone please take a moment to break out Pete Seeger record and sing along.

"Songs won't save the planet, but neither will books or speeches."
Pete Seeger

captain Chet- Jen BundyIt has almost become a standard operation for local bands to use Kickstarter (or some form of Kickstarter) to fund their upcoming album or project. Some of these projects get funded and others fail. Now, Kickstarter itself is not a bad thing but it has started to be used in an inappropriate way. Because of all this misuse, I now hate seeing bands start up a Kickstarter. Why????? Because the band is basically just begging for you to give them money. This is not what Kickstarter is all about. If you want your project to succeed, make sure you are using Kickstarter correctly. Stop annoying me with all your BEGGING!

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tyler roadAs always- we here at yourband.info HATE music contests. We hate award shows, we hate voting for “best band in NH”. We hate battle of the bands. We hate online voting where the winner is just a popularity contest. Or worse than a popularity contest; who ever can figure out how to rig the online voting (FYI- clear your cookies, use different browsers, log into different wifi hotspots).We hate telling people that “hey, you are a better band because you got voted by a bunch of people who never even heard of the other bands and voted blindly cause you posted it on facebook.” Why? Music is not a competition. Music is art. Music is subjective. That being said- We have asked a bunch of local musicians who they are digging right now. Does it mean these bands are the best? Nah. Does it mean they are good? Nah… is only means… this person likes them and maybe you will too. So below- you will find musicians telling you who they are listening to and enjoying! Maybe you will discover a new band to check out.
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Crunchy western boysThe Crunchy Western Boys are a Folk/Bluegrass band from the great northern section of NH. They are quite amazing. Last night while The Crunchy Western Boys were playing one of their many shows around the state- we broke into their practice space. What we were looking for was their famous “Band Rule Book”. It is not exactly a “book” but a printed piece of paper with the rules that each member of the band must follow. It is full of some great suggestions that all bands should follow- It is also filled with typo’s, spelling mistakes, stupidity and a nude of Morris. Without their permission we have decided to post their rules for your consumption. We left out the picture of Morris-
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Boogie On Alice1. Get out of my parents basement and get my own place… or maybe just get a new lava lamp.

2. Don’t get fall down drunk at the next show my band plays but only get mostly drunk.

3. Actually promote my next show so that people show up.

4. Learn a new chord other than the 3 I already know.

5. I will not wear shorts on stage because it looks stupid.

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