What can we say about Drew Hines, Drummer of Tyler Road, that has not been said in various police reports from 3 different states. We couldn’t think of a damn thing. So we decided to ask him a bunch of questions and let him talk for himself. We were surprised with some of his responses… mostly because he can use full sentences and seems generally smart. Drummers are generally not the brightest peg in the Lite Brite.

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We had to sit down with Scott Solsky; guitarist of BRASBE and Romeo Bonapart to ask him our famous five questions… that is not a typo… we had to sit with him. We had no choice. He showed up at our offices, drunk as a skunk, complaining about 6 stingers and smelling like... well.. umm roses(Scott really has a dreamy smell to him.. Cross between hickory smoked ham and Davey Jones of the Monkees). Below are the five questions we were able to ask him while sneaking sniffs of his hair.

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We had a chance to sit down with Kyle Webber; lead singer and guitarist from The Ghost Dinner Band. We took that opportunity to ask him 2 stupid questions, 2 really annoying questions and one really good question… we will let you decide which is which.

We had a chance to sit down with the band 'Ways To Fall From NH. Weasked a bunch of questions, some stupid.. some even stupider. Click here to read the interview!.

We join a rather cranky Jarg Hammondjeeze, the Crunchy Western Boys psychiatrists and life-style consultant, as he sips a large absinth and holds forth on a variety of topics. Including, but not limited to bands, music, time, spelling, the Beatles, and turn signals…

This is part three...
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The Crunchy Western Boys STILL have a show coming up June 15th at the Tupelo Hall in White River Jct.VT. (Man, they ARE media whores aren’t they?) We pick up the interview conducted by a staff member of and Mr. Jarg Hammondjeeze, the bands personal psychiatrist and life-style consultant, well into an afternoon of beer and tequila shots…

(To see the first half of this conversation go here:

Assembly of Dust (also known as AOD) is a local rock band formed by Strangefolk frontman Reid Genauer. Genauer and Assembly of Dust are slotted to play the Granite State Music Festival occurring in Concord NH at the Everett Arena on June 23rd to 24th. We got a chance to sit down with Reid Genauer and ask him a few questions about his band, music and life.

The Crunchy Western Boys have a show coming up June 15th at the Tupelo Hall in White River Jct.VT. After trying unsuccessfully for a week to contact the very private and enigmatic members of the popular band the Crunchy Western Boys, the intrepid reporters at have managed to contact and interview a member of their inner circle.

What follows is a conversation held between one of our staff members and a Mr. Jarg Hammondjeeze. A man suspected of close ties with this mysterious band. We at hope to unearth some interesting and new insights into one of NH’s strangest success stories!

(ED NOTE: This conversation was held at an undisclosed drinking establishment…after a great deal of tequila and beer.)

Mongrel - Interview

We had a chance to sit down with the Adam from the band Mongrel. We talked about the band, pay to play shows, music and members.

YB: What's the origin of the band name?

Adam: Mongrel started in 2003 when myself (Adam Savage) and our first singer Matt "Death" Rowe set out to start a new band that combined a variety of influences including rock, punk, metal, and anything else that inspired us. Matt proposed the name Mongrel, and it was perfect since it by definition means a mixed breed, and had that implied aggression we were going for in the association with the name. When Matt left the band in early 2004 he gave his blessings to keep going with the name and we have ever since.

Walter Sickert & the Army of Broken Toys

Walter Sickert & the Army of Broken Toys are one of the most unique bands that you will ever see. Walter Sickert & the Army of Broken Toys are one of the most unique bands that you will ever hear. Their abilities in entertaining you with sight and sound is something that I wish every band tried to accomplish. Or, maybe I don't wish that; If every band was doing it then maybe these broken toys wouldn't seem so special. Walter Sickert & Edire, one of The Broken Toys, took the time to sit down with us and talk about some of their experiences, sights and sounds.

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