I met Zach Deputy at a recent show in NH; Go Local Camp and Jam. First off, he played a great set. 2nd… he was a nice guy- 3rd- he rocks disc golf 4th- I touched his hand (never washing it again). So, how could you not love this guy? His performance at Camp N Jam was fantastic, transcendent and everyone loved his energy. In fact- he had powers to levitate the entire crowd for a good 20 seconds- no really, it happened.

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This past Saturday night I went to True Brew in Concord New Hampshire to see Mari Winings perform her fabulous music. The show was great; Mari was fantastic and she sang beautifully. I have previously told you guys how amazing Mari is in a review of her CD a few weeks ago, so I won’t be mentioning yet again how she is absolutely marvelous. You would get bored if I continuously said she sang and played like an angel was in the room. Really- I won’t be saying any of those things- Won’t even say her piano playing was spectacular and won’t even mention that she is really pretty(what does looks have to do with music anyway)... Instead I will be telling you what happened right after she was done playing.

After her set, I approached her and asked if we could sit down and have a chat (not in a “have a seat over here” Chris Hanson sort of way). At first I think I may have scared her though because I was a little drunk and she most likely thought I was trying to pick her up, or going to try to kill her and toss her in the trunk of my car. After I explained I was from she agreed to sit down and chat. (Little did she know; I did actually have plans of getting her in my trunk and ditching the body). Things were going great until Chris Noyes (bass player for the Dusty Gray Band) showed up and joined us at our table- Chris destroyed my plans, so instead of killing Mari- I decided to ask our five questions to Mari- thanks Chris. On a side note: I am looking to get a bigger car that can fit a ‘Chris Noyes’ sized item in the trunk… if anyone has any leads.

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We had a chance to sit down with lead singer of the band Code 3. Laurie Luckern is one of the more attractive lead singers in the Concord music scene(runner up to Kyle of Ghost Dinner Band). Since we here at YourBand are sick and dirty; we told Laurie we normally conduct all of our interviews in the nude- Unfortunately- Laurie is too smart for us. Below are the fully clothed responses we got to our five questions.

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We had the chance to sit down with George Laliotis; drummer for The Amorphous Band. George is definitely one of the most talented drummers in the area. Not only that- he can sing like a Mo Fo. A main stay on the local music scene, I was excited to finally get to chat with George. The talk we were having was going fine until we asked how he wanted to be listed in the article. It is at this point he became very agitated. I pronounced his band name wrong- I guess- George is really sensitive about that. I called them “The A-more-fussy Band”. Boy, George jumped right off his chair on that one (should be noted, I was not interviewing Boy George… The ‘boy’ that started that last sentence was just an exclamation.) Any who… I got him back on his stool and we were able to finish the last few questions by me saying I was “just kidding”. On a side note; you can really say just about anything before those two words “just kidding” and it makes everything ok--- “wow George you are ugly—just kidding” “You sure do have an inflated ego—just kidding”—“I took a dump on your front porch—Just Kidding”--- “you are the less talented brother”…. Hmm… maybe we shall not touch that one… lets get to the questions before George kills me.

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Jordan Tirrell-Wysocki is a guy who plays violin. That is about as much as I knew about Jordan... sooooooo, I asked if we could sit down with him and chat. He is currently doing a stretch of shows in Bar Harbor and we met up while he was at his hotel. While we chatted, Jordan’s bassist, Chris Noyes, was in the corner of the room trying his best to look like he knew how to solder an SM57 mic back together. It distracted me and I got carried away… Normally we only ask people our famous FIVE questions… but Jordan just kept on talking and we ended up with 10 questions. Fortunately, at least three of his answerers were entertaining… so.. good luck finding those three... skip the other 7.

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Laid to Dust has been getting a lot of accolades lately. We decided it was high time to sit down with them for 5 questions. We Got to chat with their bassist Craggy for a few minutes. He was nice, attentive and showered. Go figure- bassists maybe aren’t all bad. Find Laid to Dust online:

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Over the past week we seem to be interviewing a lot of bass players. Not really sure what is going on with that. This 5 question segment is with Steve Mcbrian, the best and worst and only bass player in the Crunchy Western Boys. Steve is an old friend so I was glad to sit down with him to chat (I mean, I have not known him long but he is Freaking OLD and he was glad to sit down cause it is good for his arthritic knees). We hope you like learning about CWB… cause we didn’t.

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We tracked down another bass player and asked him our 5 questions. Actually, we didn’t’ track him down- he came to us. Much like a lawyer running after an ambulance, Jeoff Jarnot bass player for The Joint Chiefs begged and pleaded until we gave him some face time. After he tossed us a few bucks we said ok… then ignored him for a few months. He found us though… and below is the excruciating interview we were forced to sit and listen to while he rambled on.. and on… and on… much like every bass solo ever played, it just wouldn’t end… Any who- here is another 5 questions with the most disposable member of the band- Jeoff Jarnot bass player for The Joint Cheifs. (Ed note: nothing but love for Jeoff)

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Dusty Gray Band has been making noise in the Concord music scene for a few years now. We figured it was high time to speak to the most important person in the band... Dusty Gray. However, due to a scheduling snafu we were stuck with their guitarist. We soon learned that we in fact we were not even talking to a guitarist... we were talking to their bass player, Chris Noyes. As to not make him feel even worse for being just a bass player, we decided to let him answer our 5 questions anyway.

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What are you doing this Saturday night? Well- forget it. Cancel all plans, call the fire department, put the presses on hold… This Saturday night Pat and The Hats are playing their first show at the famous Concord Penuches July 13th 2013. We decided that it would be a good time to kidnap their drummer, force him to mow my lawn, use him as a coffee table and then ask him five questions. Bobby did not like that idea so instead we just asked him 5 questions.

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