Back in the mid 1990’s I use to listen to Thanks To Gravity and Percy Hill pretty much 100% of the time. These were two local NH bands that I was just in love with. It didn’t hurt that kinda cute girls introduced me to these bands… Somehow a cute girl’s music suggestion holds more weight. I had been exposed to these two bands and thought they might be the only two local bands worth a dime. I was leaving the conservation center in Concord one day with my friend Keith and he popped Groovechild into the tapedeck. Yes tapedeck. Not CD player or MP3 Thingamagoo.. A tapedeck. I was hooked after one song. Keith wasn't even a cute girl. I loved it. I am glad I loved it; cause as I went to hit eject, the tape would not come out. It would still play- but it was stuck. There it stayed until I sold the car years later.

Fast forward a few years and I am sitting across from Jeff Bibbo, lead singer of Groovechild, asking him five questions. The band is working on creating a new album- that is right. A NEW GROOVECHILD ALBUM!!!!! They will be launching an indiegogo campaign (sorta like Kickstarter) shortly and we will share that link with you as soon as we get it. For now, sit back and read 5 answers from one of the best front men NH has even seen.

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I was sitting there minding my own business, eating my dollar menu hamburger from Wendy’s when these two guys came up to me and demanded that I ask them questions. My first question was; who the heck are you? ‘Friendship & Stoo from The Hornitz’ they replied in almost perfect unison that they MUST have spent hours rehearsing this response. I freaked- I love this band. I have seen them a number of times in Concord and their funk duo is spectacular. I quickly thought up 5 questions to ask them and fired away.

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We had a chance to sit down with Zack Burwick of the band The Phreaks. The Phreaks are a Phish tribute band playing all over New England and Zack beats the drums for the band. When we sat down with Dave I could tell- he was pronouncing all his “F’s” with “Ph”. I mean, I think I could tell- I am not really sure. I was high as hell from some brownies and really- I could not be sure if Zack was even in the room or if I was talking to a wall. In any event- Zack was a really nice guy except for the fact that he kept on changing from a human to a unicorn. You can catch Zach and the rest of his shape shifting band for a really big show up at Nectars on Feb 15th with The Hornitz. It will be their 100th show and at the birthplace of Phish- so should not be missed. You can also see them them this friday December 6th 2013 at the Stone Church. Anyways- here are the five questions we got to ask Zack before we stopped to order pizza-

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It is a little after 9AM as I enter the studio and everyone turns to stare at me- Sometimes I feel like the enemy. “Watch what you say around this guy- It might end up in print.” The day is just starting and the jokes are already flowing. We are at Rocking Horse Studios in Pittsfield NH and you can feel the magic in the air. Rachel Vogelzang is in the studio recording her debut album. She has graciously invited me to be a fly on the wall while she records in this beautiful studio. “I forgot you were here and that made me happy for a minute” jokes George Laliotis. George is playing the drums on Rachel’s album and it is his first time recording at Rocking Horse. The musicians that Rachel and Rocking Horse owner Brian Coombes have put together for this record are some of the best in the area(and some of them think they are the best comedians). The lineup includes Joseph Pierog on bass, Matt Jensen on guitar and Myron Kibbee also on guitar. Rachel fills out this all-star cast with her piano, guitar and vocals.

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Seth Wonkka- what can we say about the guy that you have not already read about under a Snapple cap. He has amazing music to court ladies by, cool glasses and sings like the breath of an angel. He is playing at True Brew in concord this coming weekend so we thought it would be a good idea to sit down with him, ask him a few questions and show him this new coin magic trick we learned. He was a blast to chat with and his interview is below- he was however not impressed with our coin trick- IT WAS BEHIND HIS EAR!!!!

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Mark Trottier is the founder of Go Local Music. He also plays drums in Ghost Dinner Band and bass in Captain Chet. I am sure you have seen him, his stickers or those damn go local shirts all around town. They are pretty annoying. However, I do enjoy that one of the stickers got placed in the bottom of the Penuche’s men’s urinal for me to pee on. We hate Mark; with a passion. Despite this raging hatred for him, his Mini Cooper and his stupid ugly hat- we decided to sit down and ask him some questions. I mean, he does do a lot for the local music scene and was doing it WAY before anyone else was doing anything for local music (he is damn old). So we owe it to him to fight back the urge to vomit in our own mouth while we ask him our 10 questions. (Ed note: We have since learned that Mark lost his ugly hat at Redhook in Portsmouth- so that ugly thing on top of his head is actually his hair, not a hat... also- Mark... thanks for all you do)

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MB Padfield is a musician from NH who I recently saw at a Rocking Horse Studio showcase in Bicentennial Square. I was so impressed with her performance that I approached her after her set to ask her a few questions. Things went smoothly after she realized I was not a creeper looking for her telephone number but i was a writer for Yourband. Note to self- Maybe I should stop wearing long trench coats and flashing people as a way of greeting…. Anyways… on to the questions!

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A few months ago we sat down with an amazing singer/songwritter, Lauren Hurley and asked her our famous 5 questions. This interview then fell through the cracks and we lost it. We found it today and we wanted to share it with you. It is actually a good thing we waited, because today Lauren made available her song "The Edge" for free download… check it out(linked below) ok…. On with the questions

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Well- here we are again talking about Pat and The Hats. We have talked about them SOOOOOO much. Why? Cause they are awesome. I mean- they really rock. Their music had the power to cure cancer in mice during 32 separate lab tests.(ok maybe not) Since we have had so much coverage of Pat and The Hats we are sort of out of stuff to say about them. Therefore, we really dug deep and sat down with their manager. Yeah, their manager- the most important and least interesting position in any band. You never hear “wow that band’s manager was great last night- ladies were tossing their panties at him!” We aim to change that. So we pulled up a chair next to Tucker and tossed 5 questions at him.

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Josh Blair is the bass player for the amazing local act, the Ghost Dinner Band. We talk a lot about The Ghost Dinner Band here on Why? Cause- well, they are awesome. I mean, they are really awesome. The awesomeness of this band cannot be overstated- Like- they are truly amazing. I am not just saying this because they promised to pay me some money if I said nice things about them. I mean, they are paying me 400 bucks and giving me a vintage Allen and Heath split mixing board FOR FREE- but that is NOT influencing me in the littlest bit. Ok, maybe it is. I guess I will have to give back this money now(I’ll keep the board though). We had the chance to sit down with Josh, play Super Mario 3 on NES and ask him 5 questions. Questions and answers below.

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