The Skeleton Beats are a punk band from Boston Massachusetts. I am a fan of true-real-badass punk and this band does it with one part Motorhead and one part New York Dolls. Amy Von Eerie is the lead singer and guitarist and we got a chance to sit down for a chat. We asked her our famous five questions and tried not to fan-freak out on her. Even us reporters sometimes become star struck when you get to meet such talent.

Mines Of Paris are a Manchester NH band and are blowing up in the local music scene. The four piece is sort of a throwback to 90’s Boston indie rock… sort of. They are more than that. They have their feet on the air and their head on the ground. They will Try this trick and spin it, yeah. I promise, Your head will collapse when you hear these guys. But there's nothing in it And you'll ask yourself “where is my mind”. “Where is my mind, where is my mind."

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Rob Potylo is a riddle wrapped in a hard candy shell with a creamy nougat center. Some people might remember Rob as Robby Roadsteamer, the cookie monster voiced comedy-music act that performed around Boston. Or you might remember him from past radio DJ jobs or his current radio DJ job at WEMF Radio. Or maybe you know him as the guy on Sox Appeal that found love after a David Ortiz double. Or maybe from his appearance on VH1’s Best Week Ever…. Or maybe you know him as the guy who is the mastermind of Quiet Desperation. We love Quiet D so we decided to ask Rob our famous five questions. Quiet Desperation is a locally produced Documentary or something; Who really knows- it’s more than just a documentary. Basically it is an amazingly funny show about being an artist in Boston. Since it's start in 2009 the show has featured over 300 local musicians and artists.

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Pat and The Hats started off as a three piece band. Then they added a backup singer, then another guitar, and now- a second backup singer Hannah Rose. Since we have already written so much about the other members of the band, we decided to attack their newest member Hannah with a stick. Since we couldn’t find a stick, we decided to attack her with questions. We sat down with her at Market Days in Concord this past weekend. We asked her our famous 5 questions- We asked for her number too- She said “42”. I think she didn’t understand what we were asking orrrrrrrrrr, maybe, she understood perfectly. In any event, she did answer our 5 questions- Her answers and direct personal cell phone number are below!

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We here at LOVE Rachel Vogelzang. We have loved her ever since we figured out how to spell her last name without having to ask. Rachel is very influential in our local music scene. She runs a few open mics, was in charge of one of the local stages for this year’s market days, performs regularly AND features numerous local musicians on her upcoming solo album. She is a supporter local music in many more ways as well by going to shows, helping other acts with promotion or just speaking about local music on the radio. On top of all that, she can take an accidental punch to the chest. How do we know? Well, we were hanging outside True Brew and saw her come out the door. Thinking it would be funny, we jumped out at her from on top of a table, screaming at her while in midair with a flying ducky-claw-punch fist high above our head. My lawyer says I can’t talk anymore about the details of the case- but we will just say, jokes are jokes until someone loses a limb or loses their dignity on a fence post.(ED note- most, if not all, of this story was fabricated in a detailed plot to distract the reader from the truth about processed chicken nuggets) After we had this altercation, Rachel and I sat down for our famous 5 questions! Below are her responses, or at least the ones the lawyer would let us print.

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We had the chance to sit and chat with Kirra Vevina today. She is a new and upcoming artist from Keene NH, transplanted from UT. She is currently working on her debut EP and a new single is being released in the next few weeks. We contacted her and asked her to do our famous five question interview. Surprisingly she said yes, so we sat down for a coffee to discuss her music, her life and her unmentionables.
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This Friday night, March 14th 2014, the band People Skills take the stage at True Brew in Concord. The band is from Dover and we thought it was damn time we sat down with their singer and guitar player Chelsea Paolini. We sent 500 texts one night, one after another, trying to get an interview. Each text was just a little more desperate then the last “can we get an interview” “Do you like us, circle yes or no” “Just tell me what I did wrong to make you stop loving me”. None were returned. So we gave her a call- she told us to stop calling or she would get a restraining order. We showed up at her house- She called the cops. We got binoculars and looked in her windows from the bushes… she likes to sing and dance while vacuuming… anyways.. we finally tossed a note in a bottle with 5 questions and hoped it reached her… it did. Here are the responses we got via Pony Express.

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Mary faganWe got to sit down with the late great Mary Fagan and ask her out famous five questions. I mean- she is not late... like… dead… but late as in… we have been trying to set up this interview for months. and...It FINNALLY HAPPENED!!!!!!!! You can catch Mary at The 3rd Annual Juvenile Diabetes Research Benefit Concert Saturday, March 15th, 2014 at the Fun Intelligent Training; Concord, NH. More info on the event here:

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Delanie Pickering Delanie Pickering is a young local musician that more people have become aware of as of late. I first became introduced to her amazing blues singing and slide guitar playing at the end of last year. I saw Delanie play a few songs at an open mic. I was blow away- her slide guitar playing is reminiscent of Robert Johnson. I spent years listening to the complete recordings of Robert Johnson- every crackle of the record and every note he played- Delanie puts the same passion and grit into her playing. You cannot hear her play without thinking of the great delta blues musicians of the 30’s and 40’s. We are soooooo enthralled with Delanie that we asked her to sit down for our famous 5 question interview!

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The Hickory Horned Devils are a modern Americana band from Hillsborough County, NH. They are playing in Concord this Friday December 20th at true brew. I had never heard of the band (sorry guys)…. So, I decided to track them down and attack one of their members. So I put on my hunting clothing and set my sites on Britt Lundgren, fiddle player of the band. (Although I don’t hunt, I live in New England, so I do have full hunting gear.. and a pet moose.) She was a little scared when I jumped out from behind the bushes and started asking her 5 questions, but to my surprise she answered back… While she was discreetly dialing 9-1-1 on her cell.

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