Jake McKelvie & the Countertops- what can I say about this band that hasn’t already been said about the Ford Pinto. They are on fire. We wanted to know more about the band that is releasing an EP in the next month, so we went to our local kitchen supply factory, bought 12 spatula’s and got another spatula for a penny. We also saw Jake, looking at... you guessed it… sinks. We grabbed him, smashed his head on the underside of a counter and asked him some questions.

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Jasmine Mann is an amazingly talented musician. She hails from the place in NH that is south of Bow, north of Manchester and is how a person catches a fish- Hooks it. (I stole this joke from my buddy Matt R). We wanted to get to know Jasmine a little better so we tracked her down and followed her for a few weeks, watched her sleep and paid bail. We then asked her our famous 5 questions. Here is what she had to say.

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Eric Ober- 5 Questions

Eric Ober is a man of numerous musical talents and sex appeal. He plays in about a billion local bands give or take. We wanted to know what makes him tick so we sat him down and asked him our famous 5 questions. He was a little resistant to answer, so we did have to hold him at knife point and threaten him physically. He laughed at us. He is kinda rude but he smells fantastic. If you want to catch him live, look for him in the Grebes, Pythons in The Mist, Them In The Hive and a new project with Derek Astles.

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Jamantics-lucas gallo has nice chest hairsThe JamAntics are having a reunion show at the Capitol Center For The Arts on October 24th 2015. We decided it was time to do our fantastic 5 questions with Lucas Gallo of the JamAntics. I mean, he has been to my house, I’ve had beers with him, I have seen him in swim trunks… So.. He should be willing to do an interview with me. So I met with Lucas at the agreed time. Sitting next to him, a Mr. Eric Reingold. Every question i aked, the two went silent, Eric whispered into Lucas’s ear and THEN lucas would respond. So…. Here are 5 questions, as answered by Lucas Gallo and no one else especially not his actual brother Eric Reingold whom he doesn't speak with since "that one time."

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This radio Podcast featuring lots of local bands. We talk about music and play some local tunes. If you would like to be on the podcast, post on our forum or email us yourbandinfo at gmail dot com.

Holly Furlone is an amazing musician who plays in the band the Midweeklings. We wanted to interview her so we sat outside her house for a few days. We studied her. It was not needed for us to do this, we just like stalking people. We made notes about her every move. In case you were wondering, she does wash her hands after. Good for you. After a few days we wrote some questions down on a piece of paper in crayon and slid it under her door. Below are the responses we got.

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7 Questions with Glenn Moir of Dopamine

Glenn Moir is a guy you see all over the local music scene. He is always out and about, playing with this band or that. Most recently he has taken up playing with Dopamine. Slapping his bass for the band perfectly as he is the master of the low end. We got to sit down with him and chat about the band and some other crap. We asked him 5 questions, he answered 7. He then proceeded to buy us beer after beer. Really nice guy although I am still not sure how to pronounce his last name. At this point I really don’t care. More? Mo Yar? Moo are? Moo ear? Mow Er? Ok, maybe I do care. It keeps me up at night and when I finally drift to sleep, I wake up screaming. Enough about my troubles, here are the questions.

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This radio Podcast featuring lots of local bands. We talk about music and play some local tunes. If you would like to be on the podcast, post on our forum or email us yourbandinfo at gmail dot com.

This show features an Interview with

Jake McKelvie of Jake McKelvie and The Countertops

This show features music from

The 123's
Jake McKelvie and The Countertops
Free Jazz

The Mallett Brothers Band- 5 Questions Interview

The Mallett Brothers Band is an alt country band from Portland Maine. If you don’t know what alt country is, think Johnny Cash on speed(wait, he WAS on speed… might be a bad example) They have spent the last 6 years recording and touring the country gaining fans wherever they go. Their sound is a little more rock than country. Let us pretend you took two brothers, plopped them in Nashville for their childhood and then moved them to Maine. The Mallett Brothers Band would sound exactly like what you might imagine from that type of exposure. There is good reason for that too.. because… that is exactly what happened to the brothers as kids. You might also assume they sound like the Avett Brothers, or Doobie Brothers, or The Allman Brothers, or Hanson or The Everly Brothers and… you know what? You would be wrong- like really wrong. Dead wrong. Do you really think just cause bands brothers it automatically means they are gonna sound like the Mallett Brothers band? Wow. Anyway… moving on

We sat down with one of the brothers, Luke Mallett, and asked him our famous five questions. Here is what he had to say.
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Somerville Symphony Orkestar hail from, Somerville Massachusetts(duh), but they sound like they were dropped here from some Eastern European country. The band blends punk with Klezmer and mixes in a good dose of traditional Russian music. The band is currently at Q Division Studios in Summerville recording their 2nd album and we took a second to sit down with them and ask them our famous five questions. We chatted with Joel Edinberg who seems to maybe be the leader of this rag tag bunch of people. He let me know they have a show coming up on May 1 at Cuisine en Locale opening for Slavic Soul Party and you can buy Tickets here: He also let me know you can also catch them at Penuches in Concord on April 11th. He also let me know that he didn’t care much for me stealing his identity and selling his life’s story to Hollywood to be turned into a movie. Not wanting to be on the receiving end of a tiger punch to the gut, I moved right into the five questions….

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