Anna Madsen

There are times in a music reviewer’s life when they have to make a decision. Are they going to make a bold statement at the risk of alienating a large audience of readers, or, play it safe? Well, I never play it safe. I run with scissors, I eat dessert when I didn’t clean my plate, I swim with total disregard to that hour rule, I do not follow the garment washing instructions on clothing tags, and tell you when an album is perfect.

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Anna Madsen -Review

Anna Madsen has been locked up up at Rocking Horse Studio for the past few months working on her EP ‘Epitaph’. The album is coming out October 8th but the single from the album, ‘Palm Reader’ came out today. If the album is only half as good as the single, we are in for a treat. Lush landscapes of sound, violins and a haunting vocal track. We look forward to hearing the full album.

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We had the chance to sit and chat with Kirra Vevina today. She is a new and upcoming artist from Keene NH, transplanted from UT. She is currently working on her debut EP and a new single is being released in the next few weeks. We contacted her and asked her to do our famous five question interview. Surprisingly she said yes, so we sat down for a coffee to discuss her music, her life and her unmentionables.
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