What Should You Do This Weekend? 11/14/2013 to 11/16/2013

What Should You Do This Weekend? 11/14/2013 to 11/16/2013

Ok- the weekend is coming up and we have a bunch of shows that you should check out. I mean- EVERY weekend has some great shows and we are not gonna list them all out but give you an idea of what shows can’t be missed (go to our calendar here for full listings- http://yourband.info/index.php?q=calendar)


Stay Home- don’t go out- Close your doors, hide in your closet and drink PBR- also work on that hipster beard. You need to get yourself ready for the shows coming up for the weekend. While sitting in your closet with the lgiths out, listen to 94.7. Pat & the Hats will be on 94.7 WNHN tonight at 9pm as well as Chris Peters(more on Chris later). you'll want to listen to them talk and anplay and stuff.


Go see Tyler Road at Biederman's Deli and Pub. Tyler Road is slowly becoming one of my favorite bands in town. Why? Because they have a guy who plays percussion for them named Drew. Drew bought me a beer once. SO- Go see Tyler Road- ask Drew to buy you a beer- Tell him I sent you.
more on the event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/383502948447604/


Saturday you will have to head to Bicentennial Square in Concord. Two great shows will be happening a few feet from each other so you can bounce back and forth. At True Brew you will find Duo Night with Seth Wonkka and Lydia Lyon performing along with another duo, Chris and Kate Peters. Why should you go to this show? Well first off, Seth has cool music to get laid to, so you got that going for you. On top of that Chris Peters is a pro thumb wrestler and said anyone who shows up to challenge him to a wrestle and WINS, will receive a free high five. more on the event: https://www.facebook.com/events/556121867793808/

After you get your high five run on down to Penuches to catch Holmes. I know you are gonna want me to tell you a reason why you should check them out… but I am not going to. Just trust me. You must go. Go down to Penuche’s. you must go down. You will go down. Drink the Kool-Aid.
More info here: https://www.facebook.com/events/525905614167745/


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