The Shardz- Live Review

The Shardz- Live at Penuche’s review

We sent a few of our staff to Penuche’s this past Thursday night. Each had a different view of the band that was playing, The Shardz. Since we are all about equal opportunity; Here they all are!!!!!

Review 1

Vocals were great when you could hear them. Keys were fantastic. I hate when the bass doesn't carry the low end, it's all mid rangey. I was drunk and that's all I remember. No bottom end. I like my music and girls with big bottom ends. I don't know who the keyboard guy was, but he was really good.

Review 2

I had a gig and didn’t make it to the show unfortunately. I am lazy and unattractive. Do I still get paid for the review? I think I should get paid. Is there a sentence minimum that the review needs to be?

Review 3

They call it funk? I am not sure if this is funk or if it's hippie- jam band-Grateful Dead sort of stuff. Good though.

Review 4

They should change their name… their band name sounds like sharts but their music doesn’t.

Review 5

I love it! (Written by Eric- Bassist in The Shardz)

Review 6

Not his best stuff (Written by Eric's Mom- bassist in The Shardz)

Review 7

Good keyboard player

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