Personal Rumors of the Local Music Scene

This little music community we have in our area is full of characters. It is also chock full of rumors. Rumors spread like a cancer and engulf everything. It is because of the bad spirit that rumors create, that we here at Yourband have decided to tackle some of the most outrageous rumors and put them to bed. We have listed the person, the rumor and…. The results on if the rumor is true!


Rumor-Rob Kleiner of Captain Chet and is a jerk

TRUE: Most of the crap he writes is pathetic attempts at being funny and he is not. His critiques of music are baseless and are the exact same views a third grader might have. He also wears the same stupid sweater to most shows. Get a new wardrobe you fascist.

Rumor-Rachel Vogelzang has lots of sex… I mean LOTS

FALSE- she only has one sex. Female.

Rumor- Pat Gochez of Pat and The Hats killed a drifter

TRUE- He ate his soul too. Pat has a long history of picking up hitchhikers and making them listen to ruff demos he recorded in his back yard wood shed. After one listen- he asks their opinions, then KILLS THEM. Unrelated- he has a very large collection of porcelain sea lions.

Rumor: George Laliotis of Mindseye hates his brother Andy

FALSE, although George is universally hated and hates everyone in return, the problem with this rumor is that Andy Laliotis and George are not even siblings. They put on a big front to help promote Lamont Smooth by lying and saying they were related- In fact the truth is they were once married - not to each other but to Jack White.


Rumor- If you record at Rocking Horse Studio you will end up with a mellotron on your tracks

TRUE- Whether you want it or not( and trust me, you will want it) The mellotron will make an appearance on your album. At least once during tracking you will utter the words “how do I set it to 'Strawberry Fields'?”


Rumor: The bass player of Dusty Gray hates bass

TRUE- Chris hates bass, but loves the bass. He finds bass pretty gross but the bass pretty awesome. Bass are slimy. The bass is a cool four stringed instrument.


Rumor: Garrett Polta of the Greenlights d got in a fight with a bar tender at Penuches over a PBR

FALSE- The fight was not over a PBR- it was over the lack of TP in the bathroom… and lack of a door… or water… and wait wait wait… no this didn’t happen either.


Rumor: Mark Trottier of Go Local, Captain Chet, Ghost Dinner Band has a pointed beard

FALSE- he has a pointed chin.

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