Granite State Roller Derby Loves Local Rock!!!

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Granite State Roller Derby Love Local Rock!!!

Roller Derby is spreading around New Hampshire like a wild fire. Concord has its own team, the Legislashers, who play all their home bouts at the Everett Arena. You might be wondering why we are talking about a roller derby team at, what does it have to do with music? Well, the Legislashers have teamed up with Go-Local Music to bring the best local area bands to the Everett Arena.

For each home bout, Go-Local Music will be providing sound, bands, lights and stage for an amazing musical half time show. A few of the bands slotted to play this year; Yankee Cockfight, The 123’s, The Ghost Dinner Band and Captain Chet Lawson’s Snake Oil Revue. Not only will these bands be playing for their halftime show, but they will also be performing a complete set at the Roller Derby Girl’s after party! (is it correct to call them roller derby girls? I don’t want my ass kicked). Some parties are at the Barley House, others at Penuchies and yet others at Chen Yang Li. So, after you see the wonderful ladies skate around and bash into each other, you can bash around the dance floor with them!

The music isn’t the only reason to go see these great bouts. No no no. You also get to see some great action on the track. These women skate around a small oval track, trying to pass each other to score points. They are tough! With names like Em bomber, Rabid Ruby, Emily Deck’erson and Whip-It Whitch… you know they are going to really be hitting each other. Don’t be expecting fake wrestling crap, this is real. The points are real, the hits are real, and the broken legs, bruises and blood are real.

So if you are looking for some real fun, with some real skating and some real great live local music, make sure you head down to the Evveret area to see the Granite State Roller Derby Team and local bands brought to you by Go-Local Music. Bouts are May 12th, June 9th, July 21st, and August 4th! Tickets are 12 bucks at the door, or buy online at and save!

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