This Saturday night at Chen Yang Li in Bow, is putting on a big big show; ROCKTOBERFEST. We have 10 of the area’s best bands that will take to the stage to perform for you. But this isn't just a show for the fans. It is a show for musicians. If you are a musician or play in a band- You should be here. Why? Well, you do get to see awesome bands, but on top of that we have a ton of industry peeps that will be at the show! Rocking Horse Studio, Cider Magazine, Go- Local Music, 100.1 FM, Blue Sky Studios, 94.7 FM and MORE will be at this event looking to chat with people. Do you have a band and have always wanted to record in a pro studio? Or do want to be played on the radio? Or do you want to play the famous Go Local Camp and Jam? Well, come down to Chen Yang Li this Saturday the 26th- meet all the folks that promote local music. ANNNND hear kick ass music.

More On the Show here:

Bands playing the show!

Ghost Dinner Band
Ron Noyes Band
Captain Chet Lawson
Pat and The Hats
Diamond Joe
Charlie Chamberlain
Rachel Vogelzang
Rippin' E Brakes
Mari Winings

“Industry peeps”:

Rocking Horse Studio
Hippo Press
Cider Mag
Dirty Old Town Booking
Bluntface Records
Impact Player Music
94.7 FM
Granite State of Mind with Rob and Dave
Go Local Music
100.1 FM Local Outbreak
90.5 FM
Blue Sky Studios
Granite State Music Festival
Cory MacEachern Photography
UpStream Sounds & More
T.A.S.T.E.Y. Studio

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