Rachel Vogelzang- 5 Questions!!!!

We here at Yourband.info LOVE Rachel Vogelzang. We have loved her ever since we figured out how to spell her last name without having to ask. Rachel is very influential in our local music scene. She runs a few open mics, was in charge of one of the local stages for this year’s market days, performs regularly AND features numerous local musicians on her upcoming solo album. She is a supporter local music in many more ways as well by going to shows, helping other acts with promotion or just speaking about local music on the radio. On top of all that, she can take an accidental punch to the chest. How do we know? Well, we were hanging outside True Brew and saw her come out the door. Thinking it would be funny, we jumped out at her from on top of a table, screaming at her while in midair with a flying ducky-claw-punch fist high above our head. My lawyer says I can’t talk anymore about the details of the case- but we will just say, jokes are jokes until someone loses a limb or loses their dignity on a fence post.(ED note- most, if not all, of this story was fabricated in a detailed plot to distract the reader from the truth about processed chicken nuggets) After we had this altercation, Rachel and I sat down for our famous 5 questions! Below are her responses, or at least the ones the lawyer would let us print.

Who is currently your favorite local musician/group?

Rachel: Delanie Pickering, far and away. Her talent, her enthusiasm, her humility, her eagerness...she is a shining example of someone through whom music moves and who moves people through music. If you haven't heard her play yet, you have a hole in your soul you don't know exists yet, and it can only be filled by hearing her play.

What is the craziest or most fun thing to happen to you at a show?

Rachel: The fact that I cannot easily come up with an answer to this question means that either I have not played enough shows or I do not have enough crazy fans.

Why did you start playing music?

Rachel: Because my parents made me take piano lessons when I was five. At some point I started enjoying it. And eventually, maybe about five years ago, I realized I couldn't stop even if I wanted to. Which I don't, because music feeds my soul.

What are your feelings on Toe Socks? Ya know, socks with toes on them

Rachel: I want some. You know what a great "craziest thing to happen at a show" would be? If a crazy fan got some toe socks, put them on her/his hands, and walked up on stage during my set and made the toe sock puppets talk to me. Or make out with each other. And then gifted the toe socks to me. I would wear those socks.

You are stuck on an island- What record do you bring with you?

Rachel: I went to Brazil for two months when I was sixteen, and I had Tori Amos' Little Earthquakes on tape, plus a mix tape that had No Doubt and B52's on it. For two months, I listened to that Tori Amos tape every single night, and that's the summer I wrote my first song on guitar. I would bring that record.

On a scale of one to banana- how sexy is this question?

Rachel: A banana in a bikini sexy. That's pretty sexy.

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