How To Become a Fulltime Musician- It’s Easy

Everyone dreams of quitting their day job becoming a professional musician. However, not everyone can reach this dream. Others don’t realize that the dream is attainable and it is something you can actual reach. We are going to run down a few simple steps on what you need to do to quit your job and work full time at music. Before considering the jump- you need to decide how much money you need to make in order to survive. Some people need $700 a month for rent, some need $1500 and others live in a tent. You just need to figure out what you need a month to survive. For our examples we will base the needs on a $30,000 annual salary. If you need six figures, perhaps a pro musician lifestyle is not for you. This salary of 30,000 is roughly 15 bucks an hour. To reach that goal you need to pull in 600 bucks a week with music:

1. Host an open mic- you can earn an easy $200 hosting a simple open mic. You can get even more once your open mic becomes successful. This is a stable once a week gig. It may not be glamorous but it is music and it is money!

2. Teach lessons- teach a few lessons a week to supplement your income. Take on 3 or 4 students and bring in an extra 100 bucks a week.

3. Shows- play 1 to 3 shows every week. Depending on your style, you should be able to bring in 100 for each show minimum (band split etc). How do you book this many shows? You need to get a rotation. Play the same venue once every month or two. Rotate around towns. The key is to find 10 venues that you can get a reoccurring gig once a month. You them supplement those 10 shows with new places and venues to make sure you get up to 3 shows a week

4. CD sales- you should have a goal of selling at least two CDs at every show. Extra 10 bucks

5. Book shows for other bands- You can book shows for other bands and make a percent of the fee they are paid. Generally you can get about 50 bucks for booking a show for a band.

And there ya go! We broke over 600 bucks a week. Add a couple extra shows and drop the lessons, or get paid more for gigs and make more money. It IS attainable. Is it work? Yes, you have to work, you have to get shows. You have to contact bars, you have to contact bookers. You need to work at it to get it done. If it is your job, you need to treat it as such.


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