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pocket Heat, Bay City, MichiganPocket Heat is an indie rock band from Bay City Michigan. This four piece just put out their three song EP ‘Transitions’ and you can check it out for free on bandcamp. Pocket Heat recorded this demo in December at Little Elephant in Toledo Ohio but they are already heading back into the studio. So, look for more material from these guys in the near future.

The tone of the guitar and bass are impeccable. I would love to spend a day just talking to the guitarist Alex Odorico and bassist Garrett Willig to figure out their signal chain. The sound is pure Fender- Fender Twang with Fender grit/crunch. The guitar dances with little plays couterparting the quartered and eighthed bass. The drums hit by Andy Lewis bang right in the pocket without waver. The musical backing is superb. This leaves the vocals of Jack Rechsteiner. Oh Jack, what have you done to me? Parts are pure unbridled brilliance and excellence. Tiny moments are pure shit. You could chalk it up to “Hey, they are a punk band and it is suppose to be like that.” NO- I am not letting him off that easy. The other moments on this record show what he is capable of. I would love to hear an entire album where Jack sounds as perfect as he does for a majority of these three tunes.

Sometimes Fugazi, sometimes King Missile, sometimes Pixies, sometimes Replacements, sometimes emo- Pocket Heat are a band that I am interested to hear more from. This might not be the best stuff we hear from these lads and I hope they continue to push as they did with these three tunes. I might just have to travel to Bay City and give these guys a high five.

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