Picniclunch are a punk band from New Bedford, Massachusetts. Although punk is probably the wrong word for this stuff. It is beyond punk. Structure is tossed out the window in favor of emotion and heart. You sometimes get the feeling you are listening to The Fall other times you swear it is Fugazi. If you are looking for a soothing trip towards a field of pansies and daisies, don’t listen to this band. Picniclunch delivers jazz that has been infused with punk or punk that has been infused with liver and onions.

Bad music for bad people. Noise structured into complete chaos where the places you think you are going are lost. Some people say punk is dead and.. it is. Picniclunch has stabbed Henry Rollins in the heart and used this sacrifice to bring forth a new direction of sonic destruction. True punk has no rules. True punk has no structure. True punk is not punk. Picniclunch is and isn’t and will be punk like a tattoo on your chest.

Most will hate and the smart will love. If you like to be challenged, challenge your ears to a sonic blissful assault. Picniclunch will be worth the listen if you get entrenched in the sound.


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