Top 5 Reasons No One Came to Your Penuche’s Show

Top 5 Reasons No One Came to Your Penuche’s Show

We all love Penuche’s! It is one of the best bars around for live original music. The bar is always packed and the music is always amazing. Sometimes though; your band will play and no one shows up! Here are the top 5 reasons no one came!


Shady Tom was rumored to be doing a 2 hour Rush tribute- The performance was to include an ending where Shady Tom would smash his guitar while ranting about how the music of southern California during the 80’s is no match for late 70’s Canadian pop metal. People were too scared to come and went to True Brew instead.

They didn’t know you were playing- They called Penuche’s the week of the show to find out who was playing that Saturday and they were told that there was no band this week. Someone called two hours later and were told it might be an open mic. At the bar there was a 2 year old poster saying Thanks To Gravity would be playing. On facebook the bar posted nothing… absolutely nothing.

There was a Bruins Game on- Sorry, but your show conflicted with a Bruins game. Every patron at the door was asked if they could please remain seated, still and completely quite during the game. I bet you were wondering why you were asked to keep your sound check down to a level much lower than the TV.

One Word- Crane

The Crowd Sunk in Lake Penuche’s- People DID show up at your show. There was a problem though. They tried to get into the door but they sank in the disgusting Lake/puddle in front of the main door. It was hoped that they would be able to jump across but it proved to be too difficult. People tried to chalk their wagon but, little Timmy died of typhoid anyway.

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