Penuche's in Concord NH Has a Stage!!!!

It’s Tuesday night and I am down at Penuche's in Concord NH. Normally they do not have musical acts on Tuesday, but tonight is a special event. THEY HAVE A NEW STAGE. That is right, Penuche's has a stage. After years of musicians being forced to find a corner on the floor and be at the same level as the crowd, the management has decided it is time for a stage. The stage is on the smaller size. A full band might have trouble fitting all their band equipment and band members on the stage. The height of the stage is maybe 4 to 5 inches and around 6 by 8 feet wide. There was talk from a few of the regulars that they might be expanding the stage by a few feet. I hope this is something that they pursue because adding an additional three or four feet would make a tremendous difference to the usability of the stage.

With the addition of the stage and a recent upgrade in the lighting, it is certain that music at Penuche's is here to stay. That is a great thing. With so few performance locations left in the city, it is nice to see that Penuche's is making an investment in their live music.

The first performers to christen the new stage were Lucas Gallo and Eric Reingold. One major difference of this performance from other performances that I have seen Lucas do at Penuche's... he looked a few inches taller.

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