Lynda DeFuria- Alvie- Review

Artist: Lynda DeFuria

Album title: Alive

Cover (front)

This album titled Alive by Lynda DeFuria is a five song EP released on July 18 2010. One thing that I want to point out right way; it was mastered by Jeff Lipton at Peerless Mastering, Boston, MA. This guy is amazing and I love everything I have seen his name attached to. This album included. If you are looking for mastering; check the guy out.

Ok, the

music. Do you like female-vocal-piano music? Then you will like or maybe even LOVE this album. I personally just don't normally like female-vocal-piano music. Fiona Apple???? Amanda Palmer??? Love them, so take that into consideration about my opinion.

Lynda DeFuria's voice is like an angel. The half whisper, half scream quality of each vocal expression is a perfect tone. Her vocal range is really impressive and she shows off her singing chops on almost each and every song. The musicianship of the rest of the band is also stealer.

The one downfall, everything seems just a little too friendly. I would love to see Lynda record one song out of her comfort level, get a little gritty and less clean. I have a request for Lynda, go get really drunk, then write and record a song. I bet I would love it but her fans would want to hang her.

See more about her here;


Hear for yourself; just click play to hear a sample!

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