Music In town this Weekend- Feb 21st to 23rd

Music In town this Weekend-


Tristan Omand-Downstairs at The Dover Brickhouse in Dover, NH.

Gorilla Finger Dub Band -Penuche's Concord


The Crunchy Western Boys- THE GREEN HOUSE RESTAURANT Starts at 8p.m

Donkilo at the Lucky Dog in Plymouth


Flabberghaster -at Penuche's Concord

Tyler Road True Brew Concord NH
Review of Tyler Road here:

Donkilo at the Press Room in Portsmouth

Ways to Fall, Genuine Nokovs & Anastasia Markov The HONEY POT: Seabrook, New Hampshire

Shalanski starts at 7p.m THE GREEN HOUSE RESTAURANT

Beechwood 11:30 AM @ Craney Hill Couch... in Henniker, NH

Dusty Gray at ‎Fury's Publick House 9pm!!!!

Does your band have a show this weekend or coming up soon? Hit Contact us at the top of the page and let us know!

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